When you hear about zero calorie foods, the idea sounds somewhat ridiculous and unbelievable, anyways in case do not believe it, they actually do exist. Better news about zero calorie foods is that they are very nutritious and help greatly to reduce body weight.

The mechanism behind their effectiveness for weight loss is that the body gets to expend its own calories to digest these foods and extract their useful nutrients through a process called thermogenesis. So even if the process of losing weight is not totally enjoyable, there is no where it is stated that you cannot enjoy some nice tasting foods along the way.


Apples are considered to be among the healthiest fruits on the planet, they owe this status largely to their mineral, vitamin and antioxidant contents. Most of all they contain a substance known as pectin which helps to kill voracious appetite and thus reduce your food consumption.


Due to the amount of water content of this fruit, it gets to fill you up real fast and keep you filled for a while, that of course is asides its delightful taste. Watermelon contains huge amounts of antioxidants, it is best eaten as a snack and not a main dish.


They might not be so delicious to taste but they are definitely packed full with nutrients and sit high up with the most nutritious foods of all time. Containing several vitamins, minerals and a lot of water, they are great for the digestive system.


Juicy and delicious, they are simply a delight packed with so many vitamins. Taking an orange a day could keep you safe from heart disease, this is because they also contain a lot of potassium.


You can classify them in whatever way you like, fruit or vegetable. The bottom line is that they contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals which are just perfect for the body metabolism.

There you have it, zero calorie foods, there are several more, it depends on how much research you can carry out.


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