You should squat. Here’s why;


Everyone should perform squats. It should not be restricted to any fitness goals, age or gender and should be a part of your daily workout routine.
Squats are not meant just for the legs and the ass; they are ideal for the entire body in different ways. It is great for shedding a few pounds, for helping you run or move faster and loads of other functions.
We’ll be showing you the different ways squats will help your body and We hope you are encouraged to squat for all the amazing benefits.

Increases strength

With squats, your hamstrings, glutes and quads gain strength. These parts of the body help stabilize the body, especially during movement. Squats also improves power in your hip extension, this is important for boosting your vertical jump.
They also stimulate the hormones responsible for building your muscles and this is great for the entire body.

Helps Improve posture.

Whichever kind of squat you’re performing, your upper back is engaged to get the body stabilised through the movement. This strengthens your posture muscles thus improving your posture.
Improves mobility in ankles and hips
The kind of squats that works on increasing motion range in the ankles and hips are the body-weight squats. With the motion range of these parts increased, pain in the knee and lower back is reduced as well. Plus, it’s an effective and very safe way to improve mobility without having the joint taxed.

Makes you Look good

Squats will help improve your appearance by shaping your booty (hallelujah!) and your legs. Since it majorly targets the glutes and the inner thigh muscles, it makes sense that it would give it shape. To do this, spread your legs to either side and let your toes point outward. Then bend your knees low, staying straightened. Hold the squatted position for a few seconds, then get up slowly and repeat the posture again a few more times.

Increases your mobility

With squats, your body and muscle strength is improved. You know what this does for you? You’re able to lift stuff, stand or move hastily everyday. You’re also more likely to stay more mobile even when you advance in age.

Strengthens the joints

When you perform squats properly, the muscles are not the only thing that is built, your ankle joints, hip joints and knee joints are built and they get stronger with regular and proper squats.

Burns Fat

You’ve probably thought about it and you’ve agreed with yourself that squats will not burn as much fat as you would want burned. Well, you’re not wrong. However, squats burn fat in a much more efficient way. It continues to take place even when you’ve stopped exercising, this does not happen with cardiovascular activities (sweet, right?).
You know the most efficient way to burn fat? By gaining muscle. Did you know that your body burns over forty calories for every pound of muscle you gain? Now, that’s how squats work.

Improves Circulation

When you have poor blood circulation, you may experience a numbness or a cold feeling. The circulatory system largely depends on bodily movement for it to function more effectively. That’s why exercising, including squats, is a great way to boost blood circulation.

Helps Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite is that terrible-looking dimpled skin that is found behind your legs or your butt. It could be caused by a lot of things including a poor circulation. As a matter of fact, poor circulation is one of the main factors that affect the occurrence of cellulite, it accelerates its formation even. To beat cellulite, you would have to improve blood flow and one way to do that is to engage in squats. When you begin to squat, the cellulite will reduce and inevitably disappear.

Boosts The Libido of Men

Now this is an important one. Squats can be used as a natural remedy to get rid of poor libido, affecting close to 20% of men in their lifetime. With squats, testosterone is increased and blood flow to the genitalia is increased. That way, the libido shoots up and you’re ready to get down.

Increases your sprinting ability

With your joints and muscles strengthened, your sprinting ability is boosted. This was found out as a result of a 2005 research that studied the physical characteristics of forty five sprinters at eight distances. It was found that the ones who did better at short distances had bigger muscles than the ones who ran farther. This is because with sprinting, more force is applied to the ground, something one is able to do only with strengthened muscles.

It is A Low Impact Exercise

Sometimes, several workout routines may threaten to harm parts of your body like your back, knees and ankles as a result of how high impact they are. This is not so with squats have been shown to be low impact and are unable to harm the knees when they are done correctly. In fact, studies say they can even strengthen the knees.

Can help Remove Bodily Waste

This benefit is rather surprising but is accurate. While improving blood circulation and having nutrients move to all tissues, glands and organs that need them, they also help in the movement of bodily wastes like faeces and contribute to a better bowel movement.

Squats are For Free!

Bet this is good news. You absolutely do not need any kind of equipment, special centre, fancy gym membership or even any special clothing. The only thing you need to start squatting is a little space and a good knowledge of the squatting techniques.
You could try adding weight to your squats by using filled water bottles, cans of food or dumbbells, if you have any.

You Can Squat Anywhere

Squatting does not need anything special, including a special environment. This leaves you with no excuse not to at least spare ten minutes of your time to squat. You could squat in your break room at work, while cooking, while doing your hair or even while gardening. If you’re a shy person, then maybe you should not do it around people so you do not get looks. If you do not mind however, then by all means, go ahead!


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