Businesses that cater to the taste buds are known to produce a lot of profit as humans will always need them to survive. Yes, a lot of people can do without yogurt daily but a lot of people cannot do without same. There is a huge divide and therein lies the profit you as a business person seeks.

Yogurt is a taste drink gotten from the fermentation of milk via bacterial action. It is loved by several individuals and it is known to be full of nutrients needed for perfect body metabolism. There are several potential customers already ranging from school children to young people in traffic to the old man being scorched by the tropical sun of Nigeria.

Several health benefits accrue to the consumption of yogurt, some of which include:

  1. Low fat yogurt is great for weight loss.
  2. High nutrient content.
  3. Body building capacity.
  4. Due to the bacterial content, it is great for solving digestion problems.
  5. Boosting immunity.

How to start

Acquire training

To produce yogurt you will need some level of training, there are several ways you can do this. Visiting an existing producer and spending some time there to learn or go for specialized training with a registered institute. If you do not want to produce your own yogurt but simply want to market, you can decide to skip this, but it will always do you some good to gain knowledge.

Market survey and business plan

Ensure you study the market sufficiently before delving in to know what kind of measures you should set in place for the success of your business. Know the most famous flavors, the most sought after flavors, etc. Following this you should write a detailed business plan that will guide your path to success.

Site your business and acquire the necessary equipment

Ensure you get the right location for your business which is close to your market and your raw materials at the same time. Buy all the equipment you will need, you should have an idea from your feasibility study report.

Register the business

Ensure you undertake all the necessary registration processes to avoid embarrassment and consequent shut down.

In conclusion, this can be a really lucrative venture if you put yourself to understand it properly.


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