Workouts For Bigger Hips | Grow Bigger Buttocks


We all want  bigger hips and bigger buttocks, unfortunately we were not blessed with the gift like our girl Bey was. This doesn’t mean we’re utterly hopeless though. If you’re reading this, then it is because you believe you are not hopeless. It is possible to get your dream body with discipline and consistency but if these words are not your friends, then you might as well close this tab. Your hips will not get bigger overnight but patience can give you the look you desire if you will stay consistent with what you’re about to read and practice! practice! practice!

To begin, pick exercises that you are comfortable with from the list and complete each of them thrice a week. You can also make use of dumbbells if you feel comfortable with them.
When these work out strategies begin to get easier for you, feel free to increase the weight of the dumbbell or add another set.
It might not be easy at first, but when your  great figure catches the eye of people, you will be thankful you stayed with the routine.

A. Squats For Buttocks and Thigh Muscles


Studies reveal that dipping your thighs lower than the 90 degrees that have become tradition helps activate your buttock muscles better. To do this ;
• Stand with your feet only slightly apart and your toes a little turned out. Try to keep    your chest out and your arms in front of you.
• Bend your knees slowly to get your hips lowered as though you are going to sit.        Push your butt back as you do this.
• Keep dropping down until your thighs and the floor are parallel to each other. To maximize this activity, go lower if you do not have a problem with your knees.
• Your weight should be on your heels and your knees extended on your way back         up to the standing position.
•  Repeat this about thirty times

B. Kick Squatting

Kick squats

Kick squatting is almost similar to the squats, except for the kicking activity. They are also effective in improving your cardio.

• Do the squat and go down until your thighs and the floor are parallel.
• On your way up, raise your right foot in a kick-like position to the side as fast and      as high as your foot can go.
• Immediately your right foot returns to the ground, squat again.
• On your way, repeat the kicking with the left foot.
• Repeat this for as long as you can go

C. Squats and Dumbbells

Squats and dumbbells

It is advised if you are a beginner, that you begin with lighter dumbbells until you are comfortable. This activity is very similar to the kick squats except the dumbbells being held in each hand below the chin, on the shoulder.
• Stand upright, your feet slightly apart, toes pointed out. In each hand, hold a dumbbell.
• Bend your knees to lower your hips while pushing out your butt.
• Keep dropping until the floor and your thighs are at parallels. Your chin and neck        should be kept neutral and your weight should be on your heels.
• With your knees extended out, gently return to the standing position
• Repeat as much as possible.

D. Lunges


For this exercise, try to use your weight while working your butt and hamstrings. Here’s how to go about it :
• Stand upright, feet close. Pull your shoulders back.
• Then with your right leg step forward. Lift it up and hold in the air for a few   minutes  before placing it on the ground.
• Bend your knees, both the one in front and the one behind while trying to push your hips forward. Bend until your front thigh and the floor are parallel.
• Afterwards, push up with your front heel down until you are standing again.
• Keep repeating procedure.

E. Step-ups For the Buttocks


This exercise is featured as an effective butt exercise in the American Council Exercise list. To try them out,
• Find a box that is stable. It should only be as high as 15 inches. In each hand, hold a dumbbell you are sure you can handle.
• When you have all that in place, raise your left foot up and place on the box moving your entire weight on the leg.
• Push your left foot and heel down as your right leg makes its way to the box too.
• Take the left leg down first and then the right one.
• Repeat the exercise as much as you can and then switch to your right leg so that the left leg now becomes the passive one.

F. Leg Lifts

Leg lifts

This activity is targeted more directly at the hips and the butt. Here’s how to carry it out :
• Get a mat and lay on it with your right side. Your right arm should be over your head and your head resting on the arm
• Place your left leg on the right one.
• Begin to lift your left leg high until you can’t go further. Hold it in the air.
• Return the leg back on top of the right leg
• Repeat for a while, then do the same for your left side.

Remember that you will not get your dream body overnight. These work out procedures however have been proven effective and will work if you will draft it into your daily routine and stick with it. It’s not your fault that you don’t have Bey’s hips, but if you chicken out of these exercises, then we can all blame you. You will also do well to keep in mind that your goal should not be to add fat back there, that’s not a good strategy as you might end up eating stuff that would be cause you to gain unnecessary weight. Work at adding well built muscles, it’s a lot more effective this way.

These workouts aim at building the gluteus minimus, gluteus medius and the gluteus maximus – these muscles are the muscles that are involved in giving form and  shape to our butts and hips . Now you see why working it out is much more effective than just adding fat.


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