Why you should use a facial mist


Facial mists are becoming the talk of the town, and why not? They are essential to the health of your skin. As a matter of fact, you will hardly see a beauty guru not spritz a refreshing liquid on their faces. They know how important it is.
What are Facial Mists and Why are They So Important?
Face mists are liquid substances sprayed onto the skin. The main ingredient of lots of face mists is water. The water used in the mist isn’t just water, its base is often from “flower water “ also known as hydrosols.
Hydrosols are made by distilling parts of a plant. These plants could be grapefruits, green tea, lavender, aloe vera, jasmine and rose. Plus, these mists have other ingredients and essential oils that help to protect and nourish the skin.
If you still see no need for a facial mist we’ll show you why you need them.

Face Mists are Hydrating

If your skin is dry, then you’ll need a face mist to provide hydration for your skin. You don’t have to have dry patches, only a few sprays will provide just the hydration you need.
If you have oily skin,, you can use this to keep your skin hydrated. This is because if your skin dries out, it will end up producing a lot more oil. To combat oily skin, you should keep your skin hydrated by using facial mists.

Mists keep you cool

If you spend a lot of time in the sun working out or carrying out sports, or if you feel hot, the face mist will come in handy. The spray has cooling ingredients and will help calm your skin.
Plus, if you get really sweaty all the time, then a face mist will be good for you. It will keep you looking cool, calm and collected. That way, you don’t have to be uncomfortable in the heat, a few refreshing spritz should help.

Mists feed your skin

A facial mist is not just super refreshing, it is also incredibly nourishing for the skin. It is infused with healing and healthy ingredients that will help reduce inflammation, moisturize the skin and tighten your pores.
You don’t have to get used to having blackheads and congested skin.

And they are makeup Perfecto

Facial mists help create a base so you can apply your makeup. After your makeup routine, you can finish off with a few more spritzes so that your makeup is set and doesn’t smudge.
The spray bottle could come along with you, wherever you go so that you could keep topping up all through the day. That way, your face is kept looking flawless. Plus, when you’re taking off your makeup, you can spray some more to wipe off the last bit of makeup and relax your skin.

Face mists can you give an instant buzz

If you find that you’re sluggish or simply not energised, a quick spritz of your favourite mist can help reset your mood and make you feel a lot calmer and excited. Your senses will awaken and you’ll feel alive once again.

Ditch your toner for an all in one product

Lots of people think facial mists and toners are the same, but are they? Formerly, these two products were totally different, but gradually the line between both products have blurred. Infact, beauty experts will tell you that facial mists are the new toners of our generation and we couldn’t agree more.
The ingredients are beginning to overlap and it certainly makes sense to get a two-in-one product. Instead of spending so much money getting both a facial toner and a facial mist, you could go for a facial mist which works as a toner too, kill two birds with one stone!

Facial Mists Provide the Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is basically using essential oils to enhance the mental and physical well-being. Essential oils can sometimes help boost your mood.
Aromatherapy is known to combat certain other issues like weight gain, anxiety, depression, insomnia.
Lavender, with its amazing smell has been found to boost circulation of blood which of course is great for the face. Chamomile essential oils are known to have relaxing and calming effects. Neroli essential oils help fight against depression while improving your mood with an amazing timeless citrus fragrance.
Now, let’s imagine these essential oils in facial mists!

Facial Mists are Convenient

Lots of skin care routines have lots of overwhelming steps that require you to do exhausting stuff.
With facial mists however, you can enjoy using them anytime and anywhere, since they leave no residue. These mists don’t require any rinsing (with either cold or warm water) and are easy to use.
Plus, the nutrients in the mists are able to soak into your face, providing you with all of the healthy skin benefits.

They are Ideal for all Skin Types

This should be good news to everyone! It does not matter what condition your skin is in, a facial mist is a go-to for all. These mists are balancing and help keep the oils on your skin in check while also hydrating your skin so it doesn’t get dry.
Plus, it has a calming effect on irritated skin. They infuse your skin with elements that protect the skin and help slow down the aging process while also refreshing the skin and leaving it glowing.

They are Great for Dull Skin as They Cause it to Glow

Skip the afternoon coffee and instead go for a facial mist. These sprays are great, soothing, hydrating and refreshing. These properties are especially important and beneficial if your skin is dull and lack-luster.
It is normal for your energy to plummet at midday sometimes. This will sometimes affect your skin’s appearance. To remedy this, some people will splash cold water on their skin.
If this is you, we suggest you instead go for a nutrient-filled facial mist to leave you feeling upbeat and have your energy up there. Search for a mist that will provide anti-aging benefits.


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