Why you should lose weight


If you aren’t particularly happy about your weight, then we’re guessing your wardrobe keeps punching you in the face and you feel guilty. Still, we do not think simply fitting into your old jeans or that hot gown is enough reason to want to lose weight. It is true that your weight affects your self-image and maybe even how others see you, still, we believe that there are a lot of other healthier reasons to want to lose weight. In fact, losing weight has lots of wonderful benefits you probably had no idea about.
Being overweight is unhealthy, not because of your appearance, more because of the numerous risks you are exposed to. You may have problems like back pain, type 2 diabetes and heart problems, to mention a few.
So to motivate you to lose weight, we’ll give you stronger reasons why you should lose weight.

Reasons You Should Lose Weight

1. You’ll Finally get better sleep

If you’re overweight, you’re most likely not sleeping well. One of the reasons this may be happening is that No sleep apnea isn’t just snoring, it’s literally the inability to breathe in your sleep. This of course is unsafe and you run a higher risk of developing it the more body fat you have in your body.
It arises from some of the following factors :
• Fat in the airways. This makes space available for air to pass through narrow, making the airway susceptible to a collapse.
• Fat in the upper body. This puts undue weight on the lungs, taking up space for oxygen.
Fat, an organ that produces hormones may cause your hormonal signals to become imbalanced and lead to a rewiring of the respiratory system.
According to statistics, about fifty percent of obese adults have sleep apnea. You could easily graduate to severe sleep apnea if you already have a mild sleep apnea and then put on some weight.
Sleep apnea is a major concern because sleep is important to the human system and it regulates our metabolism. Therefore, bad sleep equals bad metabolism. As a result, inflammation may result, oxidation, hormonal disruption and imbalance, rapid cell aging, to mention a few. Plus, bad sleep has psychological effects that could make us less productive for the rest of the day or for as long as we keep getting poor quality sleep.
So, good sleep equals great metabolism in turn fixes other things in the body include our hormones and cell health. More than that, our psychological health improves, we think better, do better, relate better.

You’ll Have Less Joint Pain

The extra weight on the body strains the joints, especially the knee joints. Wear and tear occurs normality on the joints, but it becomes worse when you’re overweight as excess strain is put on the joint. As a result, these joints may end up getting inflamed, leading to several joint diseases.
Asides losing weight, we suggest eating a diet with anti-inflammatory properties that may help alleviate symptoms of certain joint diseases.

You finally become free to most of those allergy symptoms

Overweight people often have to deal with allergies, mostly in unfavourable weather conditions. This is as a result of the strain by the excess weight on the respiratory system and the adrenal glands which worsen asthmatic and allergic conditions.
When you lose weight, you can finally enjoy some of 🎭 stuff you were allergic to.

You will notice an improved sex drive

Did you know that testosterone levels increase the more you burn fat? With your testosterone levels up there, your sex drive follows suit. Plus, according to a study, higher fat levels in the body leads to an increase in the secretion of cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress free hormone that interferes with sexual arousal. When the fat is burned, your cortisol levels are reduced, and your testosterone levels are skyrocketed. As a result, your sex drive is boosted. Plus, with all that fat shed, you’ll feel sexier, leading to a greater desire to “ride “.

You’ll Experience Fewer Colds

When a conscious effort to lose weight is put, there will usually be a lifestyle overhaul. Habits like getting a good night’s rest, eating healthy food and working out regularly become constant. As a result, the immune system is boosted. With a stronger immune system, it becomes easier for your body to ward off and kill off pathogens that often cause infections and colds.

Your Memory May Improve

Did you know that extra weight could sometimes lead to a poor memory? You probably thought it’s because you’re stressed or maybe it’s because you keep depending on your cell phone. However, according to one study, a woman had better performance in a memory test when she lost a few pounds. How do we explain this? Here’s what happened : the woman’s brain was scanned and it was found that when the woman lost weight, more activity went on during memory formation and less activity went on during memory recollection. This suggests that lugging around extra L-B’s could make it a lot more difficult for the brain to work more effectively.
Another study found that sweetened foods like soda have fructose as their main ingredient. It was found that with the presence of fructose, there is a disruption in the creation of new pathways between the brain cells that happens when we experience or learn a new thing. Since, overweight people are known to ear more sweet and fat-filled foods, this could disrupt their memory. Thus, with weight loss from cutting the sweet food and eating healthy, the effectiveness of the brain is improved and brain drain is fought.

You Won’t Sweat As Much

Sweating so much has got to be one of the most embarrassing things ever, especially when you’re in public. The reason overweight people sweat so much is that fat naturally insulates and increases the temperature of the body, making you feel a lot warmer. It’s even more embarrassing when hygiene does not follow the excess sweat and a body odour results.
It’s best to avoid this and burn off fat so you don’t have to sweat so much.
you feel warmer than those who are slimmer. For the same reason, overweight individuals tend to sweat more. Drop the muffin top and you won’t have to walk straight to the bathroom to towel off after walking anywhere.


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