Why you should get foot massages


Our feet are an important part of the body. We walk on them all day and they will bear the weight when we walk, jog or run. Plus, they also have to endure the uncomfortable feeling from shoes.
Still, we hardly take care of this part of our body, because well, nobody sees it so why bother? However, this shouldn’t be the case as the feet too need some TLC.
One way to treat your feet to a little care is with a foot massage. This practice has lasted for centuries and have been used by ancient China, Egypt. It was only in 1913 that0 reflexology got introduced into the US.
Reflexology is a practice in which pressure is applied to the feet to cause a physical effect on the body. This pressure is placed according to reflex areas, zone system that correspond to other body parts.
These practices, reflexology and a foot massage holds tremendous benefits , especially to your health. We’ll look at a few benefits. Hopefully, we’re able to convince you that you should have a foot massage.

It’s good for your sex life

How? Well, when your significant other is giving your feet a massage with some oil that smells nice, soft music and maybe even scented candles, you know what comes after right? Of course. You could gift your loved one this massage and have them relaxed, wanting more. It’s an ideal foreplay.

Improves Energy Levels

Since reflexology helps several organs to function better, people have also noticed that there is also an improvement in their metabolism and energy levels. With accessory organs having their functions improved, food processing gets efficient and there is a boost in energy as a result.

Helps with headaches and migraines

According to one study carried out in Denmark, people who had migraines and headaches experienced significant improvement after receiving reflexology as treatment. The subjects stopped taking their medications and most of them had reduced symptoms while the rest had been cured completely.

Helps alleviate symptoms of PMS and menopause

PMS can be uncomfortable and come with symptoms like irritability, insomnia, sadness, anxiety, tension, moodswings, headaches and fatigue. These symptoms can be handled with a foot massage.

Reduces the effects of depression and anxiety

Several studies have been carried out on reflexology and according to findings, it could be that this kind of foot massage does more than just help people relax, it’s been found that anxiety has been reduced this way in cancer patients. The techniques are easy to learn and are effective in dealing with anxiety and depression.

Reduces effects of oedema in pregnant women

Oedema is a case in which there is fluid retention in the ankles and feet, leading to swelling. This is a common occurrence for pregnant women, especially in their final trimester. With a foot massage, along with the right diet and lots of rest, this can be battled.

Enhancement of Immunity

When a foot massage is going on, reflexes are stimulated. This helps provide healing and relaxation. With the body relaxing with the help of a foot massage, stress becomes unable to take its toll on the body. Lots of diseases are associated with stress. But with a regular foot massage, many of these diseases become unable to affect your body, tissues, organs and system.

Improved Circulation and Cleansing

When stress affects the body, the flow of blood around the body becomes almost inhibited, this is how several diseases develop. Blood flow is the way through which nutrients and oxygen is transported to the body cells. The blood also helps get rid of toxins and waste present in the body. With a foot massage however, the stress is decreased, allowing for the proper circulation of blood round the body.

Tranquility and Relaxation

We’ve already mentioned that the blood that is transported carries nutrients and oxygen to the body cells and also cleanses toxins and waste from the body. Since the blood flow is boosted as a result of the decreased stress, the body is able to relax.

Increases Endorphins

This one should already get you excited. We all love endorphins, some, a little more than others. They’re the happiness hormones released when we eat something sweet like chocolate, when we have sex or when we exercise. They take away pain and discomfort and leave us with a more pleased and satisfied feeling.
So how come a massage releases endorphins? Well, according to several studies carried out on different patients with different range of conditions, it was found that there was an increase in endorphins. It is as a result of the increase in endorphins that a foot massage has some of the other benefits that it has. These benefits include calmness, reduction of stress, anxiety, depression and pain.
The feet is not the only place that a massage causes a release of endorphins. A massage anywhere in the body does the same. Generally, massages activate endorphins which is spread all around the body, including the brain. As a result, feelings of happiness and relaxation are boosted.

Therefore, as we have learned, it is actually the activation of endorphins that cause a lot of the other benefits like stress reduction, increased happiness, pain and mental health conditions management.
We bet you also now understand what it is about a massage that makes you feel so good afterwards.
A foot massage does so much both for your physical and your mental health. It can boost your relationship and you don’t necessarily need a professional massage except when absolutely necessary. You could learn a few things about it on the Internet and spend at least ten to twenty minutes a few days every weeks helping activate endorphins and reducing stress. It’s especially great just before bed as you’ll end up getting great sleep and wake up feeling all shades of great.

As you can see, foot massage is a lot more beneficial to both physical and mental health than most people realize. Although professional massages can sometimes be a bit costly, there are plenty of resources


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