Why you should exfoliate more


The skin’s major function is to protect the body from harm. As a result, it is exposed to a lot of unpleasant factors. You’ll be doing the skin a lot of good if you pamper it once in a while to get it to look better, despite the uncomfortable conditions it has to go through.
One way to do that is by exfoliating.

What is Exfoliation?

Exfoliation involves getting rid of dead or dry skin cells found on the skin’s surface. It should be one of the most important parts of your skincare routine as regularly as possible. The exfoliation process offers a myriad of benefits that you will be thankful for. Some of these benefits are associated with the health but most of them are associated with your skin and beauty.

How Often Should You Exfoliate?

Twice a week is good enough for your skin. You don’t want to exfoliate so often that you end up stripping your skin of its natural oils.
Even though most people do not see the importance of exfoliation, there is so much to gain from it.

Benefits of Exfoliation

Unclogs Pores

While exfoliating, you’re simply unclogging your pores. This is because in exfoliation, you’re effectively getting rid of the dead skin cells and other particles that could have accumulated on the surface of your skin. These particles could have gotten your pores clogged and may be the reason you’re breaking out. Dead or dry skin cells seal the skin pores, leaving oil produced by the sebaceous glands stuck beneath the skin. Breakouts occur as a result because the oil has no way to leave. An example of an exfoliant you could use for this purpose it activated charcoal. It is recommended because of its ability to purify and get rid of toxins hidden deep within the pores. Other exfoliants you could make use of include Tara fruit, Niacinamide and red algae. They protect the skin from harsh conditions and it gentle enough to pamper the skin.
In no time, your skin is guaranteed to look like a baby’s!

Reduces Acne and Breakouts

We’ve explained a part of this already, with exfoliation, you could avoid breakouts and manage acne. Carrying out a thorough exfoliation will go to the pores and get rid of the excess oil stuck beneath the skin, responsible for the breakouts. With the dirt particles, dry skin and excess oil gotten rid of, your skin’s vulnerability to breaking out is drastically reduced.

It Helps Other Skincare Products Penetrate Deeper

As a result of the unclogging of pores and the smoothness of the skin surface, skincare products are easily absorbed by the skin without obstructions. With exfoliation, moisturizers, growth factors and serums get to penetrate deeply, letting the skin be nourished to max. With penetration happening more effectively, you’re more likely to experience better results from your skincare products.
If you have no other need for it, exfoliation should at least be considered for this singular purpose – especially if you’re big on expensive skincare products. You do not want your brand-new expensive face serum to be rendered ineffective as a result of clogged pores. You could exfoliate with oatmeal, green tea or gingko as they will leave your skin shiny, neat and refreshed.

It evens out skin tone

Exfoliants help to break down dead skin while getting your texture smoothened out . Sometimes, your skin tone is uneven as a result of old acne spots that line areas on your skin or as a result of hyperpigmentation. Remember that to get the result you want, you will have to be patient and trust that you’ll get the results soon. With time, you should start to notice that your tone is evening out and becoming a lot more uniform. Exfoliants used contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids and enzymes that help smooth the skin and even skin tone without causing redness, inflammation or irritation. Examples include green tea, Rooibos and rice extracts .

It Boosts Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage

Exfoliation will help stimulate blood rich in oxygen to nourish and feed the skin’s surface. This will help boost cellular health and cause your skin to become radiant and shiny. It will also stimulate lymphatic drainage to cleanse the body systems which will detoxify your skin, helping the skin get rid of toxins and other dirt particles so the skin is left free from dirt.

Slows Down Aging

As you get older, you may start to notice fine lines on your skin. You will also observe that your skin is no longer as smooth as it used to be. This could be as a result of the accumulation of dead skin cells in multiple layers overtime. When you exfoliate, you will find that your skin looks a lot better and it glows even in your aging.

Helps Absorb Moisture

With multiple layers of dead skin cells blocking the skin’s surface, the skin is unable to effectively absorb moisture even when they’re moisturizing products or serums. Exfoliating regularly will make sure that the dry skin cells are swept off, creating room for absorption of moisture to occur.

Improves Your Tan

If you want to absolutely dazzle everyone with your skin, then you should exfoliate your entire skin, especially if you’re getting a tan. Exfoliation moves the old cells out of the way, giving room for the sun to tan your new skin cells. This will help your tan last longer and look better. Getting a tan without exfoliation will only cause the dead skin cells to get tanned by the sun, this will cause them to shed a lot faster. We advise that you use a sunscreen with a high SPF so your skin is protected from damage.

You Get Healthier and Shinier Skin

If you’ve been wondering how to get better, smoother and brighter skin, exfoliation is your answer. When you’re applying makeup over dead skin, the surface doesn’t look pleasant. It could be rough, patchy or flaky. When you get rid of those dead cells on your skin’s surface, your skin will look better and you won’t have to look weird when you have makeup on.


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