Why You Should Eat Oranges More Often


Delicious and juicy, oranges have always been a popular and favourite among the fruits. Infact, it is known to symbolize health and happiness. The usefulness of oranges can be maximized orally or topically, this means that it could be used on your skin or eaten. In this article though, the eating of oranges would be talked about.
Oranges could be really important especially as part of a diet. Dermatologists would tell you how beneficial it is to the skin. Physicians would also wax eloquent about how healthy it is . It could be snacked on or used as a major ingredient for your favourite dish. Orange juice is even supported as an integral part of a healthy breakfast, a good path to take for a healthy day. There are two major categories of the orange, there’s the sweet orange and the bitter orange, everybody of course likes the sweet orange better.
Don’t know how to spot a sweet and juicy orange? Well, here’s how; you should observe the texture of its skin, smooth says juicy , rough says not juicy. Check for firmness, firm says juicy, spongy says not juicy. Finally, observe its weight, heavy says juicy, light says juicy. With these tips, it would be easier to spot a good orange when you see one, house welcome! Now to the meat of this article, the benefits of eating oranges.

Benefits Of Eating Oranges

Good for your skin

Free radicals are enemies of the skin. They do a lot of damage and could lead to serious complications if not curbed. Fortunately, oranges save the day. Although these free radicals are almost impossible to completely eradicate, oranges which are full of antioxidants and vitamin C help to slow down the process. With the slowing down of the free radical damage, your skin is left looking younger and shinier.

Boosts your immunity

Taking just one orange a day could provide the complete daily vitamin C requirement as suggested by the doctors. With the ideal amount of vitamin C , your immunity is boosted . Thus keeping your body safe from infections and diseases. It does this by boosting the production of white blood cells which are responsible for protecting the body from infections and diseases.

Lowers Cholesterol

The orange contains several compounds which are effective in lowering bad cholesterol. Pectin and hespiridin for example are some of the compounds that have been tested and found effective against cholesterol. Another is Polymethoxylated Flavones , found in the peels of oranges, researchers even say that it is much more effective in lowering cholesterol than prescribed cholesterol drugs, plus it has no side effects.

Prevents heart disease

Heart diseases occur usually as a result of blocked arteries . Unhealthy feeding and bad habits cause the accumulation of cholesterol which could result in blocked arteries. Oranges thankfully, are rich in hesperidin and flavonoids which help to reduce the cholesterol and prevent the arteries from getting blocked. With cholesterol reduced and arteries free, your chances of a heart attack and other heart related diseases are minimized.

Prevents cancer

Having to fight through cancer is one of the toughest things any human might have to deal with. It’s been found though that D-limonene, a compound present in oranges could prevent various kinds of cancer, like breast cancer, colon cancer,lung cancer, skin cancer etc. By reason of the boosting of the immunity by antioxidants and vitamin C, free radicals along with the thriving of cancer cells could also be fought against. Oranges are also highly fibrous. This helps to protect the body from cancer. Generally, 15% of cases of cancer are as a result of DNA mutations and Vitamin C could prevent such.

Great for diabetics

A person is said to have diabetes when his body stops being able to absorb glucose. This is as a result of the inability of the body’s cells to respond to the insulin which is produced or the failure of the beta-cells in the pancreas to produce insulin. The high glycaemic index and fibrous nature of oranges make it a good option for diabetes patients, plus oranges are sweet so since they’re banned from eating sweet foods, oranges could always keep them company. That way, they don’t have a completely boring and tasteless life.

Prevents hair loss

The hair tissues are kept together by the collagen produced in the body. This means no collagen production, no hair. From there, you could begin to get bald patches, and no one really likes that. Vitamin C (to the rescue) found richly in oranges boosts production of collagen which in turn makes sure your hair stays together. You will consider this benefit more than good news as you start aging, don’t worry.

Eliminates Bad Breath

This could especially be maximized using orange peel tea. It helps to keep your oral hygiene intact and wards off bad breath. You could simply take a cup of orange tea daily. Do this for a month and observe how much your oral hygiene would have improved.

Improves Blood Circulation

Eating an orange is also known to help improve and boost blood circulation and the flow of blood through the lymphatic system. As a result of this priceless property, it is useful against cases involving insomnia, nervousness and stress.

Great for your eyes

Vitamins A & C, and Potassium are nutrients important for great eyes. Oranges are rich in these nutrients and are thus great for the eyes. They become even more useful the older we get. Vitamin A is an important nutrient that also helps maintain a healthy mucus membrane, vision and skin. Oranges are also rich in flavonoid antioxidants such as lutein, beta-cryptoxanthin, zea-xanthin, alpha and beta-carotenes. Consuming an orange will therefore protect you from lung cancer and oral cavity cancer

Keeps you free from stomach ulcer

Foods rich in fibre helps to keep the stomach and intestines from stomach ulcers or constipation. Oranges are rich in fiber and should therefore be eaten often to keep the gastrointestinal system intact.

It is advised that you eat an orange immediately because its vitamin C content is quickly destroyed once exposed to air. To easily get its juice, get juicing at room temperature as citrus fruits tend to produce more juice when they are warm. Try also to roll the orange on a flat surface under your palm as this makes for easier juice extraction.


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