Why You Absolutely Should Sleep Naked


Sleep is an important part of our day. It’s how we unwind, rest and prepare for the next day. It has always been important to get quality sleep as it has several great effects on our body. Did you know sleeping naked adds to the quality of sleep we get?

It’s true that not a lot of people are familiar with these benefits, infact the number of people who probably are familiar with them are less than 20%. This article has thus been written to bring the gospel of sleeping naked to you, hopefully you accept it wholeheartedly.
Don’t worry, there are facts and important points to be made, those will easily convince you if you do not already go to bed naked.

The most important reason this idea is championed is because it boosts the natural thermoregulation process of the body. You see, clothes will often get in the way of this process and hamper its positive effects.

What is thermoregulation? Well, we could easily understand what that is from “thermo “ having to do with temperature, and “regulation “ having to do with… well… regulation.

In humans, the regulation of body temperature could happen internally and externally. Internally being that the body is responsible for the temperature regulation and externally that the body temperature could sometimes be as a response to external stimuli.

Under normal circumstances, the brain works to keep the body temperature at about 98.6 degrees.
Towards evening, melatonin gets released and the temperature begins drop. This happens to prepare you for slumber. While you sleep, the temperature continues to drop until 6am when it gets to its lowest.
After 6am, the brain gets back to stimulating the production of cortisol to get you energetic and pumping with strength for the day. Your body temperature will also begin to rise before you come awake.

Understanding thermoregulation gives you a peek into how important it is to not interfere with this process. This also implies that staying up at night is a no no. More importantly, because the temperature is lowered so you can have good sleep, it’s important that this temperature is not tampered with.
Clothes, especially really thick pajamas, are external factors that could affect the regulation of body temperature. This could reduce the quality of sleep and cause you to wake up at intervals.

This already gives a glimpse. Now moving onto the numerous and intriguing benefits of sleeping naked, keep reading to find out.

Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

Could Improve Brain Function

It’s a popular notion that good quality sleep is vital to normal brain function. Although we all know this, not many of us know how. A research carried out recently shows us how. While sleeping, the brain gets rid of toxic proteins from its neurons. These toxic proteins are by-products of the neural activities that take place when you’re awake. The only time your brain finds to handle this important task is when you get the adequate sleep your body deserves.

If you however do not get sufficient sleep, your brain can do little to get rid of these toxic proteins. They are thus left in the brain cells, destroying your overall ability to process information rapidly, think clearly, concentrate and be creative.
Since having clothes off while sleeping improves your quality of sleep, your brain activity is enhanced. As a consequence, you are able to take on responsibility the next day.

Sleeping Naked Reduces Stress

Stress has negative effects on the body system. It inhibits the performance of your immune system and causes you to be more prone to obesity, heart complications and depression. Your cognitive performance is also at risk with stress in the picture and your cortisol levels are imbalanced. With good rest, the cortisol level is balanced, remedying the stress level.
Sleeping naked guarantees undisturbed sleep such that the stress level is driven down to the barest minimum.

Slows Down Aging

This is perhaps one of the most wonderful benefits of sleeping naked. Melatonin, as have been mentioned, is usually released during sleep hours and is known to help with good sleep. According to research though, more recent confirmations have been made about melatonin. It’s been found that it contains anti-oxidative properties which combat against free radicals that could cause several complications like muscular degeneration as a result of aging. When you have clothes on while you sleep, the body’s thermoregulation is impeded. This causes an inhibition of melatonin release. With melatonin impeded, aging cannot be slowed down.

Makes For Healthier Genitals

Because the vagina is naturally moist and warm, it is a perfect environment for the thriving of bacteria that causes infections. Adding pajamas makes it a lot worse as air flow is further restricted, keeping the genitals as warm as ever. The circulation of air around the organs could reduce the risk of these infections. This applies to the male folks too. The testes need to be in a cool environment in order to enhance healthy production of sperm. A pajamas could unnecessarily increase the temperature of the testes, causing an impediment in the sperm production process.

Helps The Skin

Letting the body get exposed to some good air is healthy. In the daytime, you’re all covered up with several layers to go out, why should you do the same at night? Sleeping without clothes on could reduce your risk of getting a skin disease which often develops from restricted and wet skin.

Enhances Weight Loss

According to research, keeping the body cold while sleeping could help you shed some pounds because calories are generally burned when metabolism is increased . Cold temperatures increase metabolism and one way ensure this is to sleep naked. Another study was carried out more recently on male adults who were kept under same conditions. They ate same foods and slept under same temperature-controlled rooms. At the end of the research, it was found that in the months that had lower temperatures, they gained increased brown fat which improved their metabolism and induced weight loss. Brown fat is fat that burns calories quickly.

This result showed the effects of lower temperatures on the weight.

Better focus

Having clothes on could interrupt sleep at night. Uninterrupted sleep is vital to the health and sleep that is interrupted is unhealthy for memory, mood and cognitive function.
With less clothes on, your body is cooler and you do not have to wake up from feeling too hot. With sleep uninterrupted, your cognitive function, memory and mood regulation is boosted and kept intact.


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