What You Must Know Before You Lock Your Hair

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If you have grown weary of visiting the hair salon every week or two, then chances are you are beginning to consider something more long lasting, like locs. Before you consider locking your hair, however, you should find out all you can about what you’re getting into – that way you don’t run into unpleasant surprises and find out you made a mistake.

There are lots of misconceptions and untrue stories about locs that people believe and work with- in the end, they get disappointed. This article is aimed at dispelling incorrect assumptions and rumours and making sure you’re certain about what you want.
If you are considering delving into locs, then you should be commended. Locs are a versatile and beautiful style that are not for the weak hearted. You would be making a lifestyle adjustment, one you should be ready to for. Locs take you through a journey of self -discovery. Of course you know you, but going natural might be new for you. You will learn a lot of things about your hair that you did not know. You will also get to understand what works and does not work for you.

With this article, you will get to decide if this is really what you want (hopefully it is) before you take the plunge.
Let’s get right on with it.

1. Get a Good Loctitian

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A loctitian is one who specializes in locking the hair. In getting yourself a loctitian, do a thorough research on his/her experience and skill in helping you get the loc you desire. Check out the loctitians in the area if there are any, be sure you trust their skills and style. Try to also find one with which there is a chemistry with your style and personality, that way you have a better experience locking your hair. There are a whole lot of loctitians out there, not all will do a good job, however. The loctitian you eventually go for should be able to advise you on products to use and methods for your kind of hair. Your loctitian should also be able to help you get the thickness and uniformity you want. If you can, pick a loctitian by referrals, if not, ask for samples of their work.

2. Every Hair Texture can be locked

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Understand that you don’t have to bother about the texture of your hair. Every kind of hair texture can be locked-wavy, kinky, curly, straight . The methods used to get the locks might differ with the hair textures. Different textures will also give different looks and experiences. For example, it is much easier to lock hair that is highly textured as it eventually coils on its own. Hair with looser texture is a lot more difficult and would most likely need a tool to manipulate the locs. With the tool, the loctitian keeps moving down the shaft of the hair , back and forth to get the hair to tangle in itself. You do need a certain thickness for locking to be easier. It is important for your loctitian to check your hair texture and decide what method or style works for the hair.

3. Styling Limitations

Locking your hair would mean a limited choice of styles. You will not be able to rock same styles you were used to when your hair was permed. This is probably a good thing for the lazy ones. If you love to have a million looks in one week, then this could be a challenge. Luckily, the internet is filled with lots of creative ideas on how to style your locs, that way you don’t get bored of them and chop them off . It can be fun though having to figure out new styles, you might even realize you had a creativity you didn’t know about. You can have a yarn attached to your locs, your locs can be braided, sprayed with any colour. Make sure you have fun trying out anything with your locs. You really don’t have to be stuck with ‘just ‘ locs.

4. Don’t Be In Such a Hurry

Don’t be in such a haste to get your hair locked. Devote enough time to researching and finding out everything you should about what you intend going into. You could begin with the temporary dreads – the kind made of synthetic hair or wool, then see how comfortable you are with them. Remember you need 2 to 3 inches of natural hair to grow before you lock your hair.

5. Career

You should also consider your work place while thinking about getting the locs.. In some offices, locs could be a problem, especially in the white-collar world. Although unbelievable, it is real and is a serious problem. Luckily, stereotypes are beginning to change and people are protesting about it.

6. Be Patient

Yes, we wish we could have those long, beautiful locs in the twinkle of an eye, but having locs like that take a lot of patient. Locs are probably not for you if you have not learnt to be more patient. Sometimes, depending on your kind of hair and the method used, it could take up to three months or even two years. The first few months are sometimes frustrating as you try to get used to it, but still, it’s a beautiful stage. Try to embrace fully every step in the process.

7. Your Locs Can Be Combed out

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If you eventually get your hair locked and then you realize you no longer want the locs, you can comb them out. You might have thought you would have to chop them off, the goodnews is you can ‘unlock ‘ without losing your beloved hair. You would just have to be patient depending on how long and thick your locs are. Your hair can get back to how it initially was, you would just have to learn to comb the locs out.

In the end, be sure this is what you really want and know exactly why you you’re doing it. Locs are a beautiful way for the African lady to get in touch with her roots. All the best on your journey.



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