Weight loss mistakes you’re making.


Did you know that if you’re wondering why nothing happens even with your dieting, then you’re probably making a few diet mistakes.
Sometimes, you may even be losing weight but none from your tummy.
This could make you become interested and lose your willpower. What you may not know is that you just might have been sabotaging yourself.
By kicking these mistakes, you’ll finally begin to notice the difference.
So what could these terrible habits be?

You Set Unreasonable Expectations

If you feel guilty that you never adhere to your dietary lifestyle, this must have made you heave a sigh of relief. Going vegan will not help you, especially if you’re used to eating pizza and burgers. If the diet plan you’re trying to follow does not match your lifestyle, then you will most likely regress and regain weight.
What you should do instead is add a little bit of vegan in your dishes. For example, you could add a little spinach, pepper and onions to your omelet or maybe eat a burger with a side salad to replace your fries.
This way, you don’t have to entirely overhaul your lifestyle.

You Plan Your Life Around Your Diet

You know, there are folks who decide to get committed to their weight loss plan and there are others who are obsessed with it.
Trying to plan your life around your diet like avoiding a friend’s party because you don’t want to eat a cake or or not meeting up with an old friend because you don’t want a drink will ultimately break you down along the line and make you lose your steam.
A diet that is sustainable should not hinder you from having some fun or living life.

You Rely on Food to Ease Your Nerves

Food sometimes is used to calm your nerves when your scared, sad or nervous. Sad thing is that it’s almost always sugar.
Not only are these foods we turn to high in stuff that can increase your stress hormone levels, they may also increase your calorie levels and lead to weight gain.
Plus, automatically thinking you need food when you don’t feel particularly happen will cause you to make poor diet decisions. We suggest you create new stress responses like taking a shower or going for a long walk, or even sleeping.

If you love food and really want to loss weight, I strongly recommend this guide where you can eat well and still loss up to 30 pounds or more.

You Gush Over Food Porn on Instagram

You know how you always stare too long and gawk at photos of foods on your social feed? You should stop that, it’s not helping.
Studies prove that simply staring at a dish filled with calories on social media will spike your hunger hormones even if you’re not in need of food physically.

You Leave Your Water Bottle at Home

Dehydration affects your metabolism and appetite.
According to research, people will often mistake their thirst for hunger. This usually happens because one part of the brain is responsible for both responses.
Plus, when you’re hydrated, you feel and your chances of indulging are slim.

You Save Your Calories for Later

You know you’re going out to dinner with your friends later tonight, so you choose to sip on a fruity drink and chomp on a couple carrots for lunch to save calories for later. It may seem responsible, but “it rarely works out as cleanly as we like,”
What will most likely happen is, you have a drink or two and then get extremely hunger. In the end, you’re eating everything you get your hands on. Unfortunately, whatever you get your hands on will usually be foods high in fat and calories.
You might even end up consuming more than a day’s worth calories in one sitting. See how terrible it is?
We suggest instead that you eat on a normal schedule during the day and then choose to eat responsibly at night.

You Go It Alone

When you decide to go on a diet, don’t keep it to yourself, share with family and friends. Make no mistake, you’re not doing that to test your news casting skills, you just would need a strong support and accountability system in place because the going is not easy.
Don’t underestimate the ease with which your can take another scoop of ice cream. However, when you family knows you’re on a diet, you think twice when you remember you have to justify your actions.

If you’re even more serious, you could get a diet buddy.

You Cut Out Groups of Foods

Don’t lash out on an entire food group because you’re on a diet, that’s not sustainable.
For instance, while eating too many refined flour foods can pack on the pounds by spiking your blood sugar and never fully satisfying your hunger pangs, that doesn’t mean that all carbs have the same effect. In fact, whole grains are rich in energizing B vitamins and digestion-slowing fiber. Plus, since carbs are an essential source of energy, completely slashing this food group from your diet can cause exhaustion, irritability, and lethargy.

You Deprive Yourself

You don’t have to deprive yourself because you want to lose weight.
According to research, giving into guilty pleasure is a lot more effective at keeping off weight long term than trying the suppression method.
When participants craved stuff and have in instead of fighting the cravings, they were less likely to binge eat or have more cravings for a while.

Here is a simple guide you can use to eat without depriving yourself of the much needed nutrient and still loss weight like a pro.

You Let Frozen Options Replace Homemade Meals

Frozen meals should only be eaten once in while. It’s not healthy to eat this for every meal. These cold foods are packed with sodium which induces bloating and increases blood pressure. Plus, it’s not realistic to live on frozen meals.
After a while, you’ll get tired of same ol’ boring stuff and then go off track and then gain more weight. If you’re going to lose weight in a sustainable way without adding back the pounds, kick the shortcuts and try homemade meals. Have someone do that for you if you cannot handle it.
Doing so will help banish the additives and help cut your calorie consumption by an average of about two hundred calories a day.


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