Ways you might be harming your Immune System


Your immunity says a lot about your overall health. A person with an immunity that is healthy is said to have a strong immune system which protects the body from infections and diseases while also enabling speedy recovery. On the other hand, a person with an unhealthy immunity is one with a weak immune system that is unable to keep the body protected from infections and diseases.
The body’s immune system is influenced by two environmental factors – the one within and the one without. What this means is your internal body system could pull down or elevate your immune system. Your external environment could do the same.
The immune system has got to be healthy if the body is going to be protected from harmful foreign bodies. The immune system can be weakened by our habits even when we’re doing stuff like using sanitizers, getting vaccinated and avoiding people who’re coughing. These daily habits are surprising habits you may not have known were tearing down at your immune system and hurting you. They’re simple stuff like staying up late, fighting with your husband and other surprising habits. What we’re saying is, what you spend your free time doing can impact heavily on your immune system, what you drink, how much physical activity you engage in and the likes.
Read on to find out if you’re guilty of any, and if you are, then it’s time to make a change.

Habits You Didn’t Know Could Be Affecting Your Immune System

Lack of exercise

Getting physically active is important because it gets your blood circulation boosted, helping the immunity get strengthened as a result. When you sit so much and avoid exercise, the body’s ability to fend off foreign invaders is conpromised, making you more susceptible to infections. According to studies, the risk of premature death is increased with an increase in a sedentary lifestyle. Overtime, your immune system will cease to function normally and you might begin to develop disease or inflammations.
To avoid these, decide that you’re going to regularly exercise. Just taking a stroll everyday helps.

Poor Social Relationship Skills

According to research, the relationship between how much human connection a person gets and their risk of getting sick and premature death is an inverted relationship. What this implies is that the less human connections you have, the more the risk of getting sick, developing anxiety and even premature death. A study was carried out in which two hundred and seventy six people from 18 to 55 year old were monitored. It was observed that the ones who were exposed to at least six human connections had improved immunity strong enough to fight off the cold causing virus. The ones who had fewer connections had weaker immunity.
You see that your relationships and friendships could keep you alive. Do not get too busy to let your friendships thrive. Stop by a co-worker’s office, visit a friend or at least text them if you cannot find the time to call them up.

You Keep Late Nights

Skipping sleep is extremely detrimental to your immunity. This is why students will often get sick after staying up all night to study for exams. The less sleep you get, the weaker your immunity becomes. A Chicago research observed that individuals who did not have up to five hours of sleep a night had their bodies producing very little antibodies in their blood. Those who got at least seven hours of sleep produced double the amount of antibodies the former group produced.
It is important for adults to get at least seven hours of UNINTERRUPTED sleep every night. Here’s how you know if you get good sleep or not – if you wake up feeling exhausted, then you’re either not getting quality sleep or sleeping enough.

Too much exercise

We have said that being sedentary is harmful to the immune system, but so is being extreme in your physical activities. Taking on so much exercise can become strenuous to the body, it’s called “overtraining syndrome “. Overtime, the body becomes a lot more vulnerable to infections according to a Croatica review. It’s best T keep your exercises at a moderate level regularly, that’s the key to a strong immunity.

Exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation

With the ozone layer getting more and more depleted, the UV radiation is getting to dangerous levels. As a consequence, there could be higher skin cancer rates, weakened immune systems and higher cataract rates. The cells which are in charge of stimulating immune responses could also be affected such that they become inactive, leading to an increased risk of infection and a reduced defense against skin cancer. To keep yourself protected from the harmful UV rays, it’s important that you put on protective clothing, SPF 30 sunscreen or higher, sunglasses etc.


The folks who say the glass is half – empty as the ones who are said to be pessimists. They’re the folks who never see the good side of anything, the downers. We don’t like to be around people like that with their little excitement for life.
Studies have found that pessimists are more likely to die prematurely. This is because they’re more mentally stressed and this takes its toll on the body. A study was carried out on Law students who were optimistic and the ones who weren’t. It was found that the optimistic ones produced more T cells by the middle of the semester, making their immune responses a lot better. The pessimists on the other hand did not have as much T cells. It’s not certain yet what is the cause of this, some people think it’s simply that optimists take care of themselves better. It could also be, according to others, that there is less stress that could damage the immune system.
Learn to be happy and grateful for the wonderful things about life. Try getting a few of your folks together for dinner and talk about some of the wonderful things that have happened to you all.

Sharing Pen With Strangers

It’s not a joke or an unserious matter for you to take a pen with you everywhere you go. If you don’t, you’re most likely going to pick up viruses while sharing pen with people who are complete strangers to you. Hand-to-hand contact is the easiest way to pass cold and flu germs. Avoid touching public objects as much as you can to reduce the risks of getting germs. Never leave the house without your own pen so you don’t have to use the delivery guy’s, the waiter’s or the doctor’s.


Just one bout of having too much to drink could impair the immune system’s response to foreign pathogens (perhaps because it becomes drunk too). Acetaldehyde is the major metabolyte of alcohol MD it harms the lungs’ ciliary function causing them to be more prone to infections. Alcohol puts the people who take so much at a higher risk of getting infected.


A tragedy could cause the immune response to go limp. When a loved one is lost for example, there is a stimulation of nerve hormones and chemicals. This puts your at more risk of severe and frequent viral infections. Grief is linked with increased cortisol response and an imbalanced immune system. NIMH says that vaccines are more likely to be less effective in folks who are mourning loss.


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