Want a healthy hair? Avoid these things


Every one desires a gorgeous hair, that’s why people go the extra mile to take care of their hair, to wash it, brush and blow dry it, straighten or curl it and even put all sorts of products in it.

What you probably don’t know is when you subject your hair to all these treatments daily you damage your hair without even knowing it. Your tresses can show signs of damage, from split ends to uncontrollable frizz. Even as we get older, the hair naturally thins out and looks dull and damaged, even without over-processing.

Good news however is, this damage is reversible. First thing you need to do is stop committing to some of the common mistakes you make and look at some of the tips on what to avoid if you want a healthy hair.

Things to avoid if you want a healthy Hair

Condition Your Roots

One of the things you should avoid if you want a healthy hair is conditioning your roots. You may be shocked to learn that you have been conditioning your hair the wrong way all along.  The purpose of a hair conditioner is to hydrate the middle and the end parts of your hair, not the roots. This is because the nutrients from the conditioner can weigh down hair at the roots, so using conditioner at the ends of your hair where it is needed most. The ends of your hair are the oldest part and are the most prone to damage. The roots on the other hand are the newest part of the hair and are naturally moisturized from oils produced in the hair follicles. If you are wondering why your hair goes very flat in the morning and limp by lunch, you are probably conditioning your roots.

You have a poor diet

Every strand of your hair is made of a hard protein called keratin. That is why your body needs a balanced diet of protein and nutrients to help you grow healthy hair. It completes the three-phase hair growth cycle. At one time, around 90% of hair is in the growing phase of the hair cycle. Each follicle has its own life cycle and can be influenced by factors such as age, disease and diet. When you eat diet with a low protein and severe calorie restriction can cause your hair to go into a resting phase that can result in temporary hair loss. That is why you have to feed your hair through a balanced diet. You can try rich sources of protein like fish and eggs. Also, healthy fats like avocado, salmon, and nuts can provide your hair the necessary amino acids it needs to be gorgeous and healthy.


Skip Regular Trims

Trimming your hair regularly is one way that can ensure your hair is healthy. Skipping trimming your hair regularly is one of the biggest hair ‘don’ts’. Trimming your hair at least every six to eight weeks is really worth repeating as it really is one of the best hair tips for healthy hair. And this tip is suitable for any hair type or length, be it long, short or growing out hair. What you probably don’t know is that regular trim does not only improve the overall appearance of your hair but it can also stop and help prevent hair damages such as frizz, split ends and over processed hair.

Wash hair with hot water

You may adore a hot steamy bath after a long day, but you hair definitely doesn’t want that.  Washing your hair with hot water dries out your strand, stripping it of its oil and moisture thereby causing it to be brittle. Instead of your regular hot water, dial down to washing your hair with lukewarm water especially when you shampoo and condition, rinse it off with cold water to lock in the moisture and also turn up the shine.

Over- Exposure locks to the Sun 

We all know the risks associated with too much sun exposure for our skin. These risks are however not just streamlined to your skin.

Your hair also needs to be protected from the harmful UV rays that can damage your hair and fade your hair color. There are many products to protect your hair from the sun that can be applied to protect your hair in the sun. Another great option is a floppy hat which will provide shade to your hair, scalp, and face while adding a stylish flair to your summer outfit. Whatever you choose, make sure to protect your locks from the damaging rays of the sun.

Small, consistent habits can have an enormous impact on most anything that you do in life. Why not try a few of these tips for 

You Roughly Towel Dry

Roughly toweling your hair dry might not be the worst thing you can do to your hair, but it also isn’t the best either. Instead of vigorously toweling your hair dry after bathing, you can gently blot it. Unlike rough toweling, blotting will not rough up your cuticle and cause frizz. If blotting doesn’t cut it for you, you can use paper towel to dry your hair. It is one of the most practical and gentle method there is.

You Use Too-Hot Tools

Whether your hair is fine and thin or coarse and thick will determine which heat setting will get the job done. So it’s fortunate that most hot tools, like straighteners and curling irons, come with adjustable temperature settings.

Don’t crank it to the hottest setting right off the bat. You can start off at 300 degrees.  If you’re getting the desired results, stay there. If not, gradually turn up the heat until you do. Typically coarse hair requires higher temps than fine hair. And no matter what, always use a heat protector.  For those wet-to- dry hot tools intended for your damp hair, they are a big no-no. Those tools burn your hair, leaving them brittle.


 You Overdo Chemical Treatments

Most chemical treatments you use are very harmful to your hair. That is why they are not great to breathe in on a regular basis. Instead, you can spend more money on heat protectors, irons and conditioning treatments instead of relaxing or straightening treatments.

If you must relax your hair, do that after every eight or twelve weeks, because the more you frequently relax your hair, the greater the chance of breakage or damage.



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