coconut oil and baking soda

To be factual nobody really wants to look old, if you take a poll you find out that people will rather grow old in age and keep their faces young. When a person finds a remedy to aging they could almost be more religious at using that remedy than even visiting their place of worship. Did you just laugh? If I gave you an anti-aging serum now it is possible I could have sorted out about 60% of your problems. Well this article just did, embedded in this article is information about a serum which you can make at home that will keep you looking younger than your age.

Major ingredients
– Coconut oil
– Baking soda

Before we continue it is wise to take a close look at both ingredients to see how beneficial they are to the skin.

Coconut oil. This oil is widely recognized for its potency to treat issues relating to dry skin and as such is used in several body creams, lotions and soaps. Asides dry skin conditions, it can also be used in treating several other skin issues like breaking resulting from injuries, scars, lesions, etc. Coconut oil works well to transform a dry, flaky skin to a soft, glowing and beautiful skin, this is achieved mainly because of the moisturizing qualities of the oil. Other moisturizers are known to be mostly water based and synthetic ingredients. Coconut oil however works to moisturize the skin simply by strengthening the skin tissue and eliminating dead cells by being absorbed into the skin quickly. Coconut oil also helps to fight fungal infections on the skin.

Baking soda or bi-carbonate of soda. This is another very essential beauty product, even if several people do not recognize it as one. Baking soda is simply a white powdery substance with an alkaline taste. It is very easy to access as it occurs naturally in mineral springs all around the world. It works well on the skin by exfoliation, toning the skin, acting as an antifungal agent and softening the skin. It is one of the few beauty care products that are totally natural and chemical free. It is an antibacterial agent, and it helps to manage several skin issues like acne, lesions, bacterial infections and more. The great news about baking soda is that it is mostly readily available and it is relatively cheap when compared to the other skin care products, which is asides being very healthy too. It has been used for several decades as a beauty care agent and it is always recommended by dermatologists when a patient seeks natural ways to handle skin issues.

– Two table spoons of sodium bi-carbonate or baking soda
– Add three table spoons of coconut oil
– Mix both ingredients vigorously to ensure there is a uniform mixture which is not too thick.

Method of application
The process is simple, just apply the mixture to your face using a makeup brush, and allow to stay for about 20 minutes. Then rub through the face mildly so it can seep into the skin, then wash off with lukewarm water. Dry the face with a neat towel. Do this repeatedly for great results.


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