Unsettling facts about soda


Are you a former soda addict or do you know one? Did you know that soda has a terrible effect on the health. It contains a lot of sugar, additives and caramel colouring but there is a lot more to the sugary stuff you keep drinking and burping afterwards. We’ll show you a few facts about soda drinks.

It increases hunger

Drinking diet soda may seem like a brilliant way of getting rid of your cravings for sugar so that you can lose a little bit of weight. According to research however, it was found that taking beverages with artificial sweeteners end up increasing your appetite, including diet soda.
Consuming so much sweet stuff with no energy will throw your metabolism out of sync and you’ll end up gaining weight.

It makes your organs fat

Apart from the extra weight you can see, you also have to worry about the extra fat that could surround your organs. This is known as visceral fat. According to a 2016 study, taking sugar-filled drinks, including soda was linked to an increase in deadly fat. This increased fat could sky-rocket the risk of developing a heart disease or diabetes. This was especially found in people who drank this at least once everyday.

It can increase the risk of pancreatic cancer.

Soda has been associated with an increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer, according to a study in Singapore. The scientists say that the increased cases of cancer was as a result of high sugar levels. These levels bumps up insulin, thus encouraging cancer cell growth.

It may make muscles weaker

No one loves to have weaker muscle, it is disheartening, especially for aging folks. However, the more you consume soda drinks, the more you lose strength. Scientists even say that consuming a few liters of soda per day has a huge negative impact on your potassium levels. This could lead to a reduction in muscle functioning or hypokalaemia.

It’s a main source of calories

A study from Tufts University found that beverages that are sugar-sweetened are the primary sources of calories, not white bread. So if you take about three cans of coke, one for each meal, you could add over four hundred calories more to your daily caloric intake without even realizing it.

It can lead to childhood obesity

Parents who worry about their kid’s fitness and health and try to manage their intake of sugary drinks like fruit juices and soda drinks do a really good job. Limiting these things can help keep them from becoming obese. A paediatric study showed that children and adolescents get about ten to fifteen percent of total calories from sugar-filled beverages like fruit juices and soda.

It can make you age faster

Taking a lot of soda regularly will not only affect your health, it will affect your appearance as well. According to studies, a diet with such a high sugar percentage could be responsible for wrinkles, breakouts and other signs of aging skin.

It’s high in calories

As we’ve mentioned, weight gain begins by consuming more calories that you burn. If you’re trying to lose weight, drinking soda everyday will make matters worse. At the end of everyday, you may be having over 200-300 calories.

It can harm your kidneys

The kidneys are one of the most important organs in the body. It helps to filter out toxins accumulated by the body. However, regular consumption of soda will compromise the functioning of your kidneys.
This was ascertained from a study in 2011, in which over three thousand women’s feeding was watched. It was found that consuming a diet high in sodium (associated with drinking artificially sweetened drinks like diet soda) could lead to a decrease in the functioning of the kidney.

It creates belly fat

If you’re concerned about getting a belly fat, then one of the best ways to avoid it is to a to avoid diet soda. As a matter of fact, a study was carried out on close to a thousand adults from sixty-five and above and it was found that the individuals who took diet soda daily had a waist circumference that was three inches bigger than those who didn’t drink a diet beverage.

It can make you dependent on sugar

Usually, when you’re tired and stressed, you reach for sugary and high-fat stuff. That’s why a lot of people go for a glass of the bubbly drink.
Research shows that beverages laden with sugar can help relieve stress by blunting the cortisol, the stress hormone. Because of the emotional response sugar gives, you could tend to consume the sweet stuff whenever you’re stressed.

It can bump up bad cholesterol.

Clogged blood vessels may be another reason to avoid soda.
A study carried out in 2015 has found that subjects consuming drinks with low, medium, and high amounts of high-fructose corn syrup for just two weeks had increased levels of LDL, or “bad” cholesterol, and triglycerides circulating through their bloodstream. This shows a direct association between added sugars in beverages and the risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease.

It can erode teeth enamel

If you’ve ever seen photos of drug addicts who’ve been using methamphetamines for a long period, the almost universal attribute is seriously jacked up and rotten teeth. Research published by the Academy of General Dentistry found that the citric acid in soda can work in a similar way on the enamel of teeth, leading to erosion and decay.

It can lower fertility

If you plan to have kids soon, we suggest you put down the bottle of soda for a while. Close to five thousand couples were surveyed and it was found that drinking one or more sweetened drinks like soda daily would lower your fertility. This is the case for both male and female.

It may increase your risk of stroke

Avoiding a stroke is a goal most of us can get behind to quit soda for good.
A study was carried out on close to three thousand people who were monitored for dementia and stroke, over a span of ten years. It was reported that those who took more soda had an increased risk of stroke or dementia by three times.


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