Unbelievable Vegetables that make you grow taller!


Society automatically equates tallness with attractiveness. On a lady’s list of features, you will often see “dark, tall, handsome “, same goes for the men. Unfortunately, not everybody may be as “fortunate “ because… genetics.
If you’ve got a parent that’s not tall, then that explains your height. However, even though genetics play a huge role in how tall you end up, there are other ways your height can be improved upon.
A great example is in your diet. Typically, once your teen age passes, you stop growing. If you still wouldn’t mind a little more height after that threshold, then you’re welcome to read on.
Maybe you’re worried and way too conscious when you’re standing with a colleague, boyfriend or girlfriend.
Eating a balanced diet helps. Vegetables, especially are an important part of a healthy and balanced diet. They are good for your health and allows your body function properly. They also help maintain hormonal balance in the body by making sure secretions happen normally.
The good news is that you could increase by a few inches if you eat the right amount of vegetables. It may sound too good to be true, but trust us, it’s true! Not only will this aid your height, it will also reflect in your skin, your hair and of course your weight. We’re basically talking all-round health here.

What Vegetables Can Help You Grow Taller?

There are lots of vegetables that can help you naturally increase your height. Below are a few of the vegetables that may help you achieve this :


This plant is a herbaceous perennial plant that grows from short, thick rhizomes. In the United States, Rhubarbs are considered fruits. They are often cooked as main dishes and could be eaten as deserts as well. This plant has been found to help the body combat diabetes. It is also known to stimulate the secretion of growth hormones in the body. This is what helps you grow taller.

Bok Choy

Bok Choy is a Chinese cabbage that has a high dietary fibre, vitamin, mineral and carbohydrate content. This vegetable helps in the stimulation of growth hormones in the body. This thus helps improve your height and of course your confidence.

Brussels sprouts

This vegetable also belongs to the cabbage family. They typically contain nourishing characteristics like protein, fibre, vitamin, iron and a host of other minerals. All of this works together to help boost the growth hormones of the body and help them work towards improving your height.


Peas are green vegetables that are round and highly nutritious. They help boost the growth of a person as they contain nutritious characteristics like lutein, proteins, fibres, minerals and vitamins.


Okay, we understand that not everyone loves broccoli, especially kids, and that’s okay. However, you do want your height up there not down here right? Broccoli is an edible plant that also belongs to the cabbage family. It is highly nutritious and contains vitamin C, iron, fibres and anti-cancer properties that can protect and fight against cancerous cells.
Eating broccolis will also help boost your body function and of course stimulate growth hormones that will boost your height and make you grow taller.


These are one the most nutritious vegetables. They are rich in nutrients such as carbohydrates, fibres, vitamins, folates and proteins.
As much as beans can help us watch our weight as a result of its fibre content which keeps you full longer and prevents you from over-indulging, it can also improve your height. It does this as a result of its high protein content which helps build up the body system and boost the height.


This is an example of a flowering plant. Okra often goes by a host of other names like lady’s finger, bhindi or gumbo . It is gooey and can function as a laxative.
Okra is also nutritious. It contains water, fibre, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates. The nutrients work together to get the growth hormones of the body to start working and help the body increase vertically.


These vegetables grow mostly in temperate regions. However, they are found all around the world today. Turnip contains lots of nutrients like fibre, vitamins, cholesterol and fat. It helps to make sure that the growth hormones are secreted as regularly as possible which in turn helps increase height.


This is a green vegetable that is grown majorly in southern parts of Asia. It is highly nutritious as it contains important nutrients like vitamins, calcium, fibres and iron which help make sure the body functions properly. These nutrients work together to make sure that growth happens properly, even vertical growth.

Collard Green

Collard greens are another highly nutritional plant that is found in areas of Portugal, Brazil and the US. These plants are rich in vitamins kind C and K. They are also rich in soluble fibre.
Its anticancer properties are useful protecting the body and fighting against cancer.
Consuming the vegetable regularly will cause the growth hormones that are non-functional to come to life and begin working again. Having the growth hormone stirred will cause a boost in your height.

Starchy Vegetables

Starchy vegetables are important as they contain calories that you need for energy’s sake. Starch is a kind of carbohydrate that contains four calories per gram. Examples of starchy vegetables include beets, sweet potatoes and winter squash.
Folic acid is an important vitamin that contributes to the growth of new cells as it let’s the body make new genetic material or DNA. You will find this essential vitamin in beets, turnips and other root vegetables.
So, you got an answer to your question on what vegetables help you grow taller? Being short is no crime but it need not be a life sentence either. If you desire to gain height, then you should try and do so. Have a healthy diet plan that includes the above listed vegetables and work out with a trained instructor who can show just how to gain a few inches in height. But be realistic and know your limitations.


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