Unbelievable Benefits Of Orange Peels


Orange peels, yes, the ones you throw away when you eat an orange, are highly beneficial. Oranges are one of the most loved fruits in the world. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for its peels – those ones usually end up in the trash. We literally throw a truckload of benefits in the trash when we get rid of orange peels. They have great health  and skin care benefits. Infact, the peels are almost four times as nutritious as the fruit. Yes  way!They contain phytochemicals like flavonoids. They also contain other nutrients and vitamins like the Vitamin C, Vitamin A, calcium, copper, magnesium etc. Now you’re probably wondering what exactly to do with and how to use the benefits of the orange peels. To find out, continue reading.

First, let’s have a  little fun learning things you didn’t know about orange peels :


  • Orange peels contain a fragrant oil often used in the production of perfumes.
  • They are sometimes used as natural pesticides because they contain chemicals that repel insects including mosquitoes android ants!
  • Orange peels are known to naturally deodourize objects or environments. So if your shoes smell, simply toss orange peels in it for a while and voila!
  • You can start a  fire with dried orange peels!
  • It can keep cats away. So if you do not want your cat around your valuables, simplify place orange peels around it or rub on the valuables.
  • Orange peels contain a substance that makes wooden furniture shine.
  • You could cure a hangover using orange peels!

Now to the benefits of orange peels :

1. Helps Prevent Cancer

Remember flavonoids? Orange peels contain flavonoids.  These phytochemicalschemicals have the ability to restrain the activities of RLIP76 protein, the protein associated with cancer, diabetes, obesity etc. Research has not been completely exhausted, but promise is shown in the curing of these chronic problems by inhibiting the RLIP76 expression using orange peels.

2. Helps In Weight Loss 

Orange peels are often recommended by medical and weight-loss loss experts. The peels are low in calories and very high in the fiber. Fiber controls appetite, preventing you from binging. They also shoot up metabolism, hence burning as much fat as possible -the Vitamin C contained in the peels help to do this. In the body, they form adipose tissues which prevent obesity. Orange peels are therefore a good addition to a weight loss plan or program.

3. Anti-inflammatory and Anti-allergic Benefits 

In allergic reactions, a chemical known as histamine is responsible for such occurrences. Orange peels contain a compound that inhibits the release of histamine. This makes an orange peel an effective anti-allergic food. It also contains high levels of Vitamin C which is useful to the immune system for fighting off illnesses like colds and flu. The lungs could also be cleansed with the power of the orange peel, ridding the organ of phlegm. The orange peel works as an anti-inflammatory substance by restraining inflammation, much like an anti-inflammatory drug.

4. Improves Heart Health 

Flavonoids like hesperidin and polymethoxylated flavones found in orange peels are useful in keeping the heart healthy. Hesperidin is especially effective in lowering high blood pressure and in anti-inflammation. It was found that hesperidin has the ability to reduce diastolic blood pressure in overweight or middle-aged men after a month. Polymethoxylated flavonol handles the reduction of cholesterol  The best part of it is that there are zero side effects.  Researchers believe that the polymethoxylated flavonols (PMFs) contained in orange peels have the potential to compete with cholesterol reduction drug as they have no risks and/or side effects.

5. Improves Digestion 

Historical studies reveal that in ancient times, the peels from citrus fruits have been used to cure digestive problems. It is still effective today. The fiber in orange peels is what aids digestion. It is also helps treat gastrointestinal issues like diarrhoea, acidity and heartburn.

6. Improves Skin Tone 

Orange peel has the ability to improve your skin’s appearance orange lighten dark spots . The Vitamin C in the peels are responsible for lightening dark spots and taking care of blemishes. You could combine the peels with milk and rub against your skin.  You will be utterly amazed how lustrous your skin becomes after sometime. That is if you are consistent enough with it.

7. Improves Dental Health 

Orange peels possess antibacterial properties that aid in the protection of the teeth. Its antibacterial properties also work to dissipate foul odour from the mouth, keeping the breath fresh. To use this, simply chew the orange peel. Additionally, the peels contain limonene which helps whiten the teeth. All you have to do to benefit from its whitening properties is rub the white part on your teeth to whiten it and solve your sensitivity problem.

8. Cures Skin Problems 

Skin problems such as acne, blackheads, dry skin, dark circles and dead cells can be taken care of with orange peels. These are safer to use as there are no side effects.

9. Boosts Eye Health 

The anti-inflammatory properties of the peels help combat infections and enhance sight. Some of the compounds that aid this includes : limonene, citral and decanal.

10. Improves Hair Conditions

Also thanks to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the orange peels, they handle scalp infections and dandruffs. They also help to cleanse the scalp, improving blood flow which makes for a conducive environment for hair growth.

11. Improves Lung Health 

The vitamin C content of the orange peels help to cleanse the lungs. It also helps to boost immunity and hence prevent infections that could rise, such as flu or cold . It can aid in curing illnesses like asthma too.

Apparently, even stuff we consider useless have overwhelming uses . You could learn from here that you shouldn’t be quick to dispose off stuff that seem useless, they could be the solution to a long standing problem. That said, while using orange peels, be sure to wash your and dry before use. Do not store orange peels in a refrigerator. Find some cool, dry place for them

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