For decades upon decades vitamin E has been used as a natural remedy for skin problems and skin management, no wonder it is a key ingredient in skincare products all over the world. Looking simply at the vitamins classification table, it is clearly seen that vitamin E is a major nutrient for maintaining a great skin.

Vitamin E is known to protect the skin from cancer, damage resulting from the effects of free radicals, ultraviolet radiation and environmental pollution, among others. This is made possible because vitamin E has strong antioxidant abilities. There are several ways to use vitamin E but studies have shown that vitamin E oil in its purest form has proven to be the best and thus it is the most widely used the world over.

There are different benefits of vitamin E to the skin, here are a few of them:

Removing wrinkles

Wrinkles on the skin can be caused by several phenomena like aging, action of free radicals, poor personal habits like smoking, and poor personal hygiene. Application of vitamin E to the skin helps to boost collagen production, collagen is the connective tissue in the skin which makes it elastic. Asides this, it helps in facilitating new cell production and regeneration.

Clearing brown spots

Major cause of brown spots is action of free radicals and weak livers, it could also be caused by aging. Vitamin E helps to prevent damage from free radicals and also repair the damage already caused. It removes brown spots by lightening the skin and smoothening rough patches.

Smoothening Rough skin

Asides being an antioxidant, vitamin E also acts as a potent moisturizer. It is recommended that vitamin E should not be used on a daily basis if employed as a moisturizer due it its thick and sticky nature. When mixed with olive oil, it helps to smoothen rough skin.

There are several more benefits of vitamin E to the skin, it is definitely a gold mine of skincare resources.


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