You should know that there are more tips for natural hair growth but here are a select few below:

Trim often:

It may sound ironical that you are trying to learn how to grow your hair but instead you are being told to trim off hair often. However, it has been tried and confirmed that the more you trim your hair, the healthier it is and the more it grows. Regular trims helps you get rid of split, weak or damaged ends that alter the growth or total health of your hair. Cutting this weak ends gives room for the growth of stronger hair.

Pamper and keep your scalp clean:

Make it a habit to once in a while give your scalp a massage. Scalp massages are known to help increase circulation thereby making healthier hair to grow from it. Since your scalp is where your hair grows from, it is only logical to keep it clean because how you treat it is how it responds. Keep it clean and well taken care of and it will bring forth nice and healthy hair, neglect it and leave it filled with product build up without cleansing often and the hair it will give you will not be far from that. Clean hair equals healthy hair.

Avoid using heat on your hair:

As much as you will be tempted every now and then to do heat styling, you should totally try to avoid using heat or at least bring your heat usage down to the barest minimum. If you must use heat at all, use it at a very low temperature and never use direct heat, use heat protectants to reduce the effects of the heat on your hair so that you do not risk damaging your hair causing it to break or frizz.

Do not do a daily poo:

Your natural hair and shampoo are not friends like that and you cannot force them to be. Shampooing your hair every day does not allow room for your natural oils to penetrate your hair. Your hair needs this natural oils to growth so if you are washing them off everyday, you are not giving enough room for your hair to actually benefit from them which may reap your hair off some natural benefits that it may need to help it grow healthy. While you are trying to not use too much shampoo, also try not to let your hair go too long without a poo to avoid build up. Typically, you should was once or twice every week depending on how much products you use or as you dim fit.

Eat right:

It cannot be over emphasized that what you eat contributes to what grows out as your hair. Add an average amount of protein to your diet, take vitamins daily. Women with inappropriate diet tend to experience more hair loss.

You may be in luck and not need to do much to have a healthy hair growth but for some others, it may take a lot of hard work and patience to groom your hair but fact is every hair is liable to grow healthy with the right routine(s)


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