Toenail Fungus Infection 10 Effective Home treatments

fungus infected toenail
teonail fungus infection

Toenail fungus a very common infection is the toenail, this condition is very contagious and so tends to start in one toe, and gradually spreads to several others, although they are many medical treatments for this infection, such as drugs, and in chronic cases surgery. Often at times this medical prescriptions, leave very unpleasant side effects, and to this we shall be discussing various easy to do at home remedies that are not just well known, but also work effectively, to eliminate all kinds of toenail fungus infection.

Home Remedies

  • Baking soda:


Toenail fungus infection
img of baking soda

This soda has the ability to soak up moisture that causes toenail fungus, and studies have shown that the effect of the Baking soda, combats the fungi which causes this infection. Age it’s also a good agent that helps in preventing the growth, as well as eradicating it complete. Thus, this procedure can be done at home, by simply mixing the baking soda with a little amount water (which becomes a paste) apply this well prepared paste on the affected nail, and leave for ten minutes before rinsing, this routine should be done, as many times as possible daily, until the fungus begins to clear off.

  • Listerine mouthwash:

Many may think this is the only good in cleaning the mouth? The answer to this is no, cause it also contains many components that help kill toenail fungus as well. The Listerine mouthwash possesses eucalyptus and thymol, both of which are very effective in treating fungi infections and inflammations. It also promotes the sloughing off of already dead skin cells, and create a room for new ones to grow.

  • Tea tree oil:

This essential oil has proven to be very useful, in treating toenail fungus infection, as it possesses significant antibacterial effects, alongside anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Studies head also shown that the tea tree oil resolves this infection within six months tops, because of the effectiveness of its components. It is highly advisable to run this essential oil twice a day, directly on the effected toenail.

  • Olive leaf extract: 
    olive leaf extract

    Olive leaves contain many beneficial compounds, which includes the phenolic properties. Extract gotten from the leaves of the olive plant, has shown relevant anti-fungal, and antibacterial effects making it a useful tool for fighting the toenail fungus infection, use a minimal portion of this liquid to cover the infected nail many times daily, for great relief and wonderful healing.

  • Coconut oil:

Many people use this oil to treat ailments, conditions, and even fungi infections. Because the oil head health promotion effects that protects ailments like hearing enablement, and memory loss. But in this case we would be discussing, how to use this oil to effectively treat toenail fungus infection. This oil contains powerful anti-fungal agents, and makes the treatment of the fungus easy, melt and apply this oil (make sure it’s an unadulterated one) directly on the affected toe nail, this would increase effectiveness.

  • Vicks vaporub:


Toenail fungus infection
img vick vaporub

This topical ointment, is filled with active properties, that helps in suppressing cough, but its camphor and eucalyptus helps in the treatment of toenail fungus, as the thymol, or thyme oil contained in this minty jar, has natural anti-fungi properties, and so rubbing this ointment on the affected nail, it would disrupt the membranes of the fungus. The best part is this minty ointment can easily be found in both convenience, and grocery stores.

  • Snake root extract:

This particular extract is an anti-fungi one, which makes it very efficient for toenail fungus (this plant is under the sunflower family). And is highly recommended for patients, with this particular condition. Studies has shown that the snake root extract, is also very easy to apply, and all that is needed during application, is to rub on a little amount of the extract, at intervals (and this needs appropriate timing) on the toe nails, and within a period three months, the fungi infected place gets cleared completely, without any form or kind of side effects.

  • Garlic:

When staled most people tend to trash this out their kitchen cabinet, but this shouldn’t be so, as the garlic when in its staled form, is usually one of the best to use in treating, and adequately combating foot fungus, as its strong anti-fungal properties, penetrates deep into the affected areas, in a way that many formulated creams can’t beat. And this remedy like the others possesses no kind of side effects, and even its strong scent that tends to be offensive, is highly minimized, after begin rinsed.

  • Wild oregano oil:


Toenail fungus infection
img oregano oil

Wild Oregano oil has very strong anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that can kill toenail fungus, athlete’s foot, and nail bacterial infections. This powerful blend works by reducing or inhibiting fungal growth on the nail bed. And your nails will be restored back to their natural appearance in less than four weeks. The visible result starts showing after two weeks of usage. The nail becomes more transparent. How to use: Apply on clean and dry affected area twice daily for 4 weeks. Gently massage all over the problem area, wait for at least ten minutes until it is well absorbed, and then wash your feet properly. Note that, the heat sensation is 100percent normal.

  • Ozonated oil:

ozonated olive oil addresses the concern of toenail fungus. As it acts as an anti-fungal and cleans the skin. Studies show that the hydroxytyrosol, and antioxidant found in olive oil, kills the molds, yeasts, and dermatophytes associated with the toenail fungus. The antioxidant activity also neutralizes free radicals from the harmful toxins fungus releases. Ozone delivers oxygen that kills bacteria and fungus and stimulates skin cells to heal faster.

All of above mentioned home remedies are great options, to try when your toenail fungus symptoms aren’t extreme. But if your symptoms persist and the pain is far too substantial, you’ll need to be sure to seek medical attention. If you have diabetes or a weakened immune system, you’ll want to be sure to consult with a doctor so the fungus doesn’t cause or lead to more severe conditions.




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