This is one topic several women shy away from as they feel it is downright embarrassing to discuss their private matters in public, however millions of women are daily pouring over several webpages seeking ways to solve their loose V problem. This seemingly simple issue has a way of reducing a woman’s confidence both in the bedroom and outside, makes the bonds of a romantic relationship tense as the woman does not feel up to satisfying the man any more.

There are several products on the market today that can help with handling this problem but there is an issue, most of them might have side effects which cause more harm than good. A major question that begs to be answered is since the vagina is made up of elastic tissue, how come it gets loose? Well, the vagina is normally in a rested state but it is only stretched at child birth or sex. Space will fail me to explain in full how this works but let us see what we can do to remedy the situation naturally in your home.

Using simple herbs

There are countless herbs that can help with tightening the V, here are some example:

  1. Curcuma Comosa. This helps to tighten the vaginal walls as well as shield it from further prolapse thus preventing future looseness. It also minimizes menstrual cramps.
  2. Pueraria Mirifica. This helps in facilitating genital tissue regrowth thus making the vagina tighter. It also helps to shield against uterus cancer.
  3. There other home remedies that work well as douches too, a major example is garlic.

Kegel exercises

Several women do not believe that kegel exercise do work, well they do. There are several proofs online, several women with their testimonies of how kegel exercises have helped to tone their vaginal muscles, making them considerably tighter.

  1. Simply squeeze your internal pelvic muscles, in doing this consider how you stop yourself from peeing.
  2. Once you have a grasp of this, do it intermittently during the day, especially in your leisure periods.


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