tighten sagging breast

At the end of the day, every woman seeks to have firm breasts for the rest of her life, it is a pity however that this can never happen except certain measures are set in place. Most times women tend to blame the loss of firmness in their breasts to giving birth or breastfeeding, in a way they are right but ultimately that is just one cause of sagging breasts among the many available sources. Most women view their breasts as one of, if not their most attractive feature and as such want to ensure that they remain that way all through their breathing days. Who would not want to keep being attractive?

Let us briefly take a look at a few causes of sagging breasts.
– Pregnancy. Yes you are right, it is one of the major causes. The reason being that the breasts get filled with milk during pregnancy and as such grow in size quite rapidly. This rapid growth tends to weaken the skin around the breasts and so with time they lose their firmness and the breasts begin to sag.
– Breastfeeding. This is also a major source. The intermittent filling and depletion of milk in the breast region causes the skin around the breasts to be weakened as well. Coupled with the fact that the breasts are sucked a couple of times every day, most certainly they are bound to sag after a while.
– Aging. This is one important cause as whether or not you get pregnant, breastfeed any children or perform any sexual activity, you will definitely advance in age. This advancement will definitely lead to a depletion of the collagen layer just below the skin surface. This will lead to loss of elasticity and finally weakening of the skin and sagging of the breasts.
– Wearing the wrong size of bra.
– Smoking.
– Exposure to excess sunlight.

Natural ways of tightening sagging breasts
– Applying oils. There are several kinds of oil which can be applied but one major characteristic which all possess is moisturizing of the skin. This way the stress from friction is reduced and thus elasticity can be restored. The oils will also improve blood flow to those regions and induce the repair of damaged cells. Some of the oils you could use are coconut oil, carrot oil, vegetable oil, olive oil, fennel oil, etc. Apply the a few times daily by thorough massage, and you should see results in a few weeks.

– Using cucumber. This will help replenish lost nutrients to the skin area. You can blend a cucumber and mix it with some egg yolk, water and natural cream. Apply this mixture to your breasts after cooling for a while. Leave to stay for 30 minutes and wash off. Do this daily for a few weeks.

– Aloe Vera gel. There are several ways this can be done. This product is highly recognized for its antioxidant abilities and the ability to rejuvenate the skin. Just apply the gel to the breasts in a circular motion and leave to dry for 20 minutes, then wash off. Do this for as many days as you want.

– Exercise regularly.
All of these natural remedies should work perfectly to tighten the skin around your breasts and make them firmer.


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