Tighten Sagging Breast in just 5 days using Toothpaste

tighten sagging breast


I will like to start this article by breaking news that no woman really wants to hear, at some point in your life, your breasts are going to sag, especially if you have got big knockers. I am really sorry to burst your bubble but they can hardly stay as firm as they were initially all your life owing to a few reasons like child birth, breastfeeding or just by gathering more years under your belt. What happens mostly is that the collagen, which is the connective tissue just below the skin, loses its elastic properties.

This simply means that over time your set will be deflated in a bit. Sagging boobs could also be a result of mere genetics, I mean heredity, so if your mom had a saggy pair you are most likely to have one too. You could say thanks mom at this point.
Asides the above stated reasons there are several other reasons why a woman could have a droopy pair, I would be stating some of them below:

– Wearing the wrong bra. This has been affirmed over and over, if you do not use the right bra size, the drooping of your pair is not so far way. The importance of the right bra size cannot be overemphasized. Over 80% of your boob problems can be solved simply by wearing the right bra.
– Taking long runs daily. Female runners might not like to hear this but the frequent bouncing of the boobs over a run on a daily basis could cause them to lose firmness very quickly. To avoid this you might need to get a well fitted sports bra or alter your routine, mix it with some swimming and take some days off to give your boobs some time off.
– Smoking. This is one habit that is just not worth it, especially when you consider the terrible effects it has on the human physiology. What smoking does is it weakens the skin around the breast area and by so doing causes the skin to stretch and become sagged. Now you see why it is not worth it?
– Frequent gaining and losing of weight. Losing weight is not bad in itself but when you gain and lose weight frequently it could lead to weakening of the skin and cause the breasts to sag.
What is the toothpaste winning formula?
I can guess you want to know exactly how the toothpaste magic works, well let me spill the recipe to you. Before I do, I should let you know that toothpaste is one of the potent home remedies ever. This is how it works for sagged breasts:

– 2 table spoon of toothpaste
– 2 table spoon of all-purpose flour
– 1 egg white
– 2 table spoon of grated cucumber
1. Peel off the back of the cucumber and grate it.
2. Mix all the ingredients into a paste in a bowl.
3. Apply the thick paste on the breasts and rub in for three to four minutes.
4. Allow it to stay on the skin for 10 minutes after rubbing
5. Wash off the paste and dry the breasts with a clean towel.
Doing this about thrice a week for a few weeks should give you remarkable results.


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