Permanently Tighten Sagging breast in 5 days using Aloe Vera

tighten sagging breast

One question which is one the mind of almost all women that exist, especially in the urban areas is, “how do I tighten my sagging breasts?” The reason for this is very easy to decipher, though most women do not like to hear it, it is a truth that is as evident as the existence of the moon, someday your boobs will not be as firm as they are, they will sag. This truth can be heartbreaking, especially if one of your selling points is your well rounded, perfectly sized twins. Several reasons surround the sagging of breasts, I will state some of them below and try to explain as briefly as I can.

Reasons for sagging breasts

Aging. This is still the most profound reason. As you know the breast is made up of a culmination of tissues and ligaments, surrounded by collagen. After a while the collagen begins to lose its elastic properties, this is when the sagging begins to occur. The more elasticity is lost, the more firmness eludes the breasts.

– Strenuous exercises. The need to keep in shape and remain perfectly toned sometimes makes us to push our bodies very hard. It is not a bad idea in itself as it comes with several benefits but it can be detrimental to the breasts. Running daily for example will make the breast go in a regular forced up and down movement. This pressure will make the skin around the breast lose its firmness and thus make the breast begin to sag. It is therefore advisable to ensure that the workout routine is made to be flexible and more importantly, get a firm and comfy sports bra.

– Smoking. This has several demerits and sagging the breasts is just one of them. Smoking weakens the skin around the breasts as well and makes them to lose firmness.

– Wearing the wrong bra.
– Sudden weight loss or weight gain.
– Breastfeeding
– Pregnancy
There are several more but that is not the rational for this write up.

Using the Aloe Vera magical formula
Aloe Vera is most recognized globally for its skin healing abilities, it is used for most skin related problems, from sunburns to injuries, and lots more. It is simply a plant with thick leaves which are filled with liquid gel. This gel is mostly applied over the skin part that requires healing, it can also be consumed orally by adding it to beverages and juice. When considering the reason behind sagging of breasts, loss of skin firmness, you will realize that Aloe Vera is just the perfect natural remedy. The gel is simply a dynamo of antioxidants which have a neutralizing effect on the harm caused by stress and free radicals. Massaging the breasts with the gel shows remarkable results as it causes the skin around the breasts to be firmer and improves the roundness of the breasts.

– Get a leaf of the plant, cut it and scrape out the gel into a bowl.
– Whisk the gel properly.
– Apply the gel to the breasts and rub in for 10 to 15 minutes.
– Allow to stay on for another 10 minutes.
– Wash off with clean water and dry with a neat towel.
Ensure to repeat this 4 to 5 times a week and you can sure of mind blowing results.


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