Things your vagina could be telling you; Listen to it


Ladies, get in here. Lets have a talk about the things your vagina could be telling you that you probably ignore inadvertently. First of all, you should know which is your vagina, vulva and clitoris. As a lot of ladies make the mistake of calling everything down there vagina.Your vagina is the inner muscular tube that connects the cervix of the uterus to the vulva. The vulva is everything that you see on the outside, including the labia majora and labia minora (outer and inner “lips”), the clitoris (the sensitive pleasure center at the top tip of your labia), and the urethra (where you urinate).

To ensure you have healthy vagina, no part, from the cervix, clit or vulva should burn,itch or hurt. And the amount of discharge that’s normal for you should not change at any point, neither should the scent suddenly change in any major way

We often spend a lot of time worrying about everything other than ourselves. If a close friend or a family member tells you about a health concern, you convince her that she should see a doctor all the while ignoring what your own body might be trying to tell you.

Below are some of the things your vagina might be trying to tell you, and why you should listen

  • You should pee after sex

In women, the urethra, vagina and anus share a close proximity. This makes it a lot easier for anal bacteria to make its way into the vagina during intercourse, here it may multiply and result in UTI (Urinary tract infection). It is not the same for the men, because of the distance between the anal area to their urethra. The continuous thrusting during sex makes it easier for the bacteria to move around. This is why, if you are prone to infection, you should try to urinate before and after having sex. It helps to cleanse the urethra opening of bacteria.

  • You need to switch up your diet

We all know that certain foods can have drastic effect to our skin health, and in fact, our general well being. There are however, foods that are also drastic to your vaginal health. If you notice a sudden strange vaginal odor that has nothing to do with your period. You should probably factor your diet into consideration. Foods like cranberry juice, fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, water, garlic, natural yoghurt and other probiotics. Probiotics help maintain vaginal PH and ward off yeast infections and keep your gut healthy.

  • You should never douche

No matter what happens, never douche. It is not healthy for your vagina. Not only does it alter the natural PH of your vagina, it also makes you and your vagina prone to infection and irritation. Your vagina says you should not worry. she’s clean enough without it. Your vagina does not need constant cleaning and vigorous scrubbing. All you need to wash the vagina is water, and a very mild soap(that’s if you must use soap) No extra feminine wash, fragrances, steam bath or anything at all. You vagina said she’s got it.

  • You are stressed

Asides from hair loss, blemishes and insomnia, changes in vaginal health can also be linked
Anything from a dry, itchy vagina to increased odour to a yeast infection can all call stress a culprit. You should get a lot of rest and drink a lot of water. If it persists, then, you should see a doctor

  • You should try Lube sometimes

Research has found women rate their lovemaking as substantially more enjoyable when using lube compared to sex without lube. Keeping sex pleasurable is important as you age, because it has the power to improve your mood, whittle your waistline, and even increase longevity. Though menopause is generally blamed for vaginal dryness, many other factors may affect it, including jet lag, alcohol, birth control pills, and, yes, extended lovemaking. However, before using lubrication, check its base. A water-based lubricant, like K-Y Jelly, is a good choice for enhancing pleasure and for use with condoms. Oil-based lubricants, like edible coconut oil, may be preferred for oral sex but aren’t condom-friendly (they increase risk of condom breaks). For long-lasting lubricant, try one with a silicone base. If you’re prone to infection, make sure it doesn’t contain glycerin, which has sugars that can cause yeast in the vagina to multiply.

  • You should wash your hands before fixing tampons

Of course you wash your hands after inserting a tampon. But what about before? Dirty hands can contaminate the tampon, which then sits inside your vagina for four to eight hours. And never, ever use tampons if you’re not getting your period. If you insert one to, say, plug discharge, it could alter your vagina’s pH and increase chances of infection. Finally, never skip changing a tampon after you poop. If you don’t, anal bacteria may be transferred to the tampon string, which can then infect the urethra (hello, UTI!). Plus, a bowel movement may dislodge the tampon, causing discomfort.

  •  You should switch up your shower products

With a myriad of products in the market, we tend to take for granted what’s good and bad for our skin. While scented body washes have their own benefits in your shower routines, they are not so favorable to your lady parts. If you experience any type of dryness or itchiness down there, your vagina probably wants you to take a hard look to how and what you are using to keep it clean.

  • You are having an orgasm

Let us just hope this is a conversation you usually have with your vagina. But if you are yet to hold this conversation, or you are not sure you’ve had it, your vagina wants to relax, your own day is coming.

When the moment is near, you’ll notice a whole lot of wetness down there, as well as a pleasurably tingly sensation due to engorgement of the pelvic area. What you may not notice is that your labia will flatten out and open up and inside your vagina will actually lengthen and widen in preparation for, well, you know. Once you climax, rhythmic contractions will course out from the vagina seemingly into your entire body.

I hope after reading this, you  begin to listen to what your vagina has to say to you.


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