Things To Keep in Mind Before Work Out


As much as spending time sweating and working out at the gym or at home is important, it’s not the only hinge on which results rest. Infact, it’s only half of it. There’s a whole lot of other things to put in place asides simply working out. Stuff like avoiding stress, getting good sleep, eating healthy and a host of others make up the other half of the pie chart. These stuff make up what you do before and after work out and are just as important.

Let’s put it in the clearest way possible. Say you work out for an hour everyday. Of twenty four hours, an hour is just four percent. That means you spend only four percent of your day working out, surely that can’t be more important than the remaining NINETY SIX PERCENT of your day. This means everything you do, apart from the actual work out, all work together to produce the results you see or don’t see.

This is why we’ve taken time to show you what’s important to do and keep in mind before you begin to work out. It’s easy to want to simply just work out, especially for the ones who do so first thing in the morning, time’s running, so should we, right? Still, not taking necessary steps before each work out session could affect your results, affect your health or even lead to injury. Paying attention to your pre-workout activities improves your effectiveness in working out, puts you at less risk of sustaining an injury and helps you yield better results.

Keep reading to find out habits to perform before work out that will boost results.

What to do before every work out

Eat an hour before work out

A lot of people skip a meal when they’re about to begin working out. It’s especially common with the ones who work out early in the morning. They’re usually too in a hurry to do anything else so they would much rather work out on an empty stomach. Some others do this because of a misguided belief that working out on an empty stomach causes more fat burn. You see, if you’re one of those who train immediately you’re up from the bed, your body must have gone for good twelve hours without fuel, the longest it has to go in a day. This means by the time you’re up, your body would be starved, needing food and unable to be at its best performance level.

Grabbing a snack before work out will supply the required energy and stamina to your body, increasing its performance. Metabolism also kick starts, contributing to the production of protein.
However, not every food is ideal as a pre-workout meal. Go for lean proteins7,slow acting carbohydrates and as little fat as possible. Sweet Potatoes, oatmeal and brown rice are good examples of an ideal work out meal. If you have no idea what to have, see ideal pre and post workout meals.

Getting Good Quality Sleep is Important

Your fitness program for the day begins once you go to bed. With your body well rested, you’re energized and your hunger hormones are kept in check so that you don’t end up undoing all of your efforts by overeating once you’re done working out for the day. One professional trainer says that he seeds a trainee back if they have not gotten at least seven hours of sleep. He says they don’t show up until they get that done. He adds that the least he would let a trainee sleep for is Six hours thirty minutes – well… technically still seven hours if rounded up. It is recommended that you keep your devices away an hour before bed– phones, televisions, laptops and what nots keep you awake longer as a result of the light. You also should get good rest after work out so your muscles can relax and properly recover.

Drink Lots of Water

The importance of drinking water has been spoken of over and over by several doctors and dietitians. Water is important for overall health, however, in a work out routine it also is very crucial. It’s especially advised that you stay hydrated considering you’d be doing a lot of sweating which would cause you to lose water. Drinking lots of water also boosts your energy levels making sure you have all the energy you need. Infact, hydration us important before, during and even after working out. You could judge if you’re hydrated or dehydrated by how dark or light your urine is. Dark means dehydrated, light means hydrated.

Work in a dynamic warm-up.

One of the worst mistakes you could make in your fitness routine is skipping warm up. This is sometimes done because you most likely have no idea how important a warm-up session is. It doesn’t matter how long you will be working out for, never skip warm-up. Warm ups provide an opportunity for the body to raise its temperature, prepare for the incoming activity and increase motion range. Your risk of sustaining an injury is also reduced. With the motion range increased, it helps more and more muscles become involved.

Make sure you’re wearing the right clothes and footwear for the workout you’re doing.

What you have on affects how much movement you can make. It affects your ability to run, stretch, jump or perform certain positional activities. For examples, if You’ll be jogging or running, you wouldn’t use just any kind of sports bra as in yoga – you would need a high-impact sports bra. Your footwears are also important as they could help you enjoy and endure better. You don’t want to begin working out only to find that you’re not comfortable at all because your attire is all wrong.

Get Your head in the game

Yes, we got that form high school musical but this isn’t a bluff. You would need to get your head in the game and concentrate. It is usually ideal that you have a set of head phones to help you keep your focus on your energy. You want to fill your playlist with songs that are full of life and energy. With head phones, you literally forget everything about the outside world and its easier to focus and get through your work out till the end. You also don’t want to be distracted by phone notifications, calls and the likes. It’s usually best you have your phone on airplane mode to minimize or block out the distractions.


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