Things That May be Causing Your Wrinkles


Wrinkles are a normal part of the aging process. However, it becomes abnormal if you start noticing them when you know you’re no granny yet. You probably have seen a few on your face and you’re wondering how old you really are. Wrinkles often appear for reasons that have nothing to do with aging.

What if you were told this was happening because of habits you have put up over time unsuspectingly, environment or even diet? Skin care goes beyond good skin care products , sunscreen and avoiding cigarettes.  Apparently, there are a host of other things you should put in check to avoid skin sagging and premature wrinkling.

It’s a good thing you get to be aware of these tiny foxes that spoil the vine before they even begin to cause damage, that way, you’re armed enough to prevent it.

How Do Wrinkles Form?

Two kinds of wrinkling exist: the static ad the dynamic wrinkles. Static wrinkles occur as a result of the aging process, habits and environment.  Over time it tends to deepen and is still visible even when you put the face to rest. The dynamic wrinkles on the other hand develop as a result of continuous movement of the muscles e.g smiling or facial expressions.

There are three layers of the skin: the epidermis, dermis and the hypodermis. The epidermis is the surface and first area, the one visible to the eyes. It is made up of dead skin cells and has its function as protecting the body from being exposed to harsh conditions. Then there’s the dermis which is the second layer. It is from the dermis that the skin gets its elasticity and strength as it contains fibres and collagen. Finally, the hypodermis is where the skin gets its radiant appearance as it contains fat cells.

As time goes on, the epidermis and dermis begin to get wrinkled. This is as a result of the reduced rate at which the skin divides . This causes the skin to begin to repair at a very slow rate.. Because of this, the dermis starts thinning ane the epidermis starts developing fine lines as a result of little moisture.

. Finally, in the dermis, elastin and collagen which helps elasticity of the skin breaks down making it difficult for the skin to snap back after being stretched. In the hypodermis, fat reduces and causes the skin to sag.

Now we can fire on to the causes of wrinkling;

Causes Of  Wrinking

1. Exposure To The Sun

The rays from the sun, although healthy could cause damage from constant and excessive exposure of the skin. UVA and UVB, ultraviolet rays that come from the sun can lead to wrinkling and aging prematurely. UVA rays have the ability to go deep into the skin, this makes it more dangerous than the UVB rays which are responsible for sunburns. To prevent this, always put on sunscreen, do not skip applying a moisturizer and put on sunglasses . Using sunglasses will prevent the tendency to squint and minimize your chances of crow’s feet. It will also prevent the skin around the eyes from getting damaged. When choosing sunglasses, go for the one with UV filters.

2. Junk food/Excessive Sugar Intake
food containing excessive sugar

Glycation is a process in which sugar binds to the proteins in the body. Collagen and elastin are part of the proteins sugar binds to. The collagen and elastin begin to weaken and become brittle. With this comes the wrinkling that becomes visible on the skin. When  junk or sugar is consumed, glycation could gradually take place ,causing your skin to lose its elasticity and sag because of the brittle collagen effect. Glycation also causes the release of toxic substances that can further cause aging. The most obvious way to prevent this is to cut down on your sugar intake.


3.  Excessive Alcohol Intake

Alcohol has the potential to increase fissures in the blood vessels. This in turn may lead to the sagging and puffiness of the skin. Alcohol is also known to be a major cause of dehydration. We already know dehydration is not healthy for the skin, it could cause wrinkles to become a lot more obvious. So for your skin’s sake, reduce how much alcohol you consume.

 4. Stress


Stress is already bad enough for the emotional and mental health, add the physical health and you know to give yourself a break.  What stress does is, it shoots up cortisol levels. This makes it difficult for the skin to hold moisture.  Stress also elevates the blood sugar , which in turn causes damage to the elastin and collagen fibers. With the collagen and elastin affected,  it is almost impossible to keep the skin from wrinkling and sagging. To put this under control, try to relax as often as you can. Take a break from working, hang out with friends or sign up for yoga.

5. Lack Of Sleep


Your skin’s pH is greatly affected by your sleep or  lack of it.  This means that the less you sleep, the more likely your skin is to get wrinkled. Lack of sleep also makes the skin cells unable to maintain hydration. It is during sleep also, that toxins are pushed out of the body . This shows how much the body, including the skin goes through during sleep. A lot of repair and rest occurs during this time, this is why you cannot afford to deprive your skin of its “beauty sleep”- there is a reason it is referred to as that. Your body needs about six to eight hours of sleep to bounce back to proper performance again. Anything less would be to your own detriment.

There are a few more habits that could also contribute to the wrinkling of your skin. They include:

  • Smoking
  • Sipping with straws
  • Pollution
  • Over washing the face
  • Making faces
  • Sitting around so much

It is true that sometimes, these habits cannot be helped. Still, in whatever way you find that you can make adjustments, do not hesitate to. Afterall, it is assumed that your skin is precious to you



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