These morning habits are responsible for your weight gain


Weight gain, along with obesity happen to be one of the most common widespread problem.
According to health experts, obesity has become an illness with the most concerns.
Obesity comes with lots of risks as it is often associated with lots of other dangerous health issues like high blood sugar, diabetes, cancers inflammation, high levels of bad cholesterols, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, kidney problems, strokes, high triglycerides and poor health of the bones. These are only a few health issues that often come with being obese.
What this means is that once you’re able to fight obesity, you’ve successfully been able to combat thousands of other health issues. One of the most common and effective ways to reduce excessive weight is with balanced diet and regular work out sessions.
Sometimes however, people may still not get the results they seek and may eventually get disappointed. There are lots of reasons why this could be happening. One of them is that you’re clinging to lots of morning habits that are ruining your efforts.
When it comes to weight gain, it can be largely affected by your morning routine. If you kick start it on the wrong foot, you will gain more pounds instead of losing them. That is, even when you’re eating healthy and exercising.
You’ll therefore need to form good morning habits to help you lose weight and stay healthy.
Below are a some morning habits that may be causing you to gain weight:

1. Oversleeping

Waking up early is important for your health and weight. Getting so much sleep often causes weight gain . According to a study published in 2014, sleeping for ten hours or even more increased the risk of getting a higher Body Mass Index compared to the ones who slept for less than ten hours.
This is because so much or poor sleep ups your cortisol levels which is the stress and appetite-stimulating hormone. As a result, you may overeat. It’s also not advisable that you sleep so little because it may affect your weight loss efforts too.
The recommended amount of sleep for adults is seven to nine hours every night.

2. Skipping Breakfast

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s therefore important that you never leave your house without having breakfast. If you keep skipping breakfast, it may be a lot more difficult for you to achieve your weight loss dreams.
When you skip breakfast, your metabolism is thrown into disarray, along with the capacity of the body to burn fat. When you eat a healthy breakfast, your energy level is boosted and the body is able to activates its functions and stabilize glucose levels .
In addition, breakfast also drastically lowers the cortisol levels in your body which often causes weight gain and overeating.
One study was able to show clear associations between skipping breakfast and poor academic performances for students. Thus, children should be encouraged to always have breakfast in the morning.
Another study says that skipping breakfast greatly influences the BMI and the waist circumference, even more than having dinner three hours before going to bed.
Skipping breakfast is also not healthy as the acidic juices in the stomach may be increased and thus, trigger inflammations and eventually, symptoms of gastritis.
It’s therefore a good habit not just for your weight sake, but for your health’s sake go always eat breakfast about an hour or tw after you’re out of the bed.

3. Eating Processed Food for Breakfast

Even though we’ve clearly said that skipping breakfast can make you gain weight, it’s still not reason enough to eat the wrong meal for breakfast.
Eating an unhealthy breakfast will make you sluggish, increase your weight and your risk of developing a chronic disease.
According to a study published in 2016, eating processed food is associated with the risk of gaining excessive weight, becoming overweight and obese.
To shed a few pounds, you will have to eat breakfast with lots of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and healthy fat. This will provide energy and keep you full longer. Some breakfast choices you can go for includes green tea, oatmeal, smoothies, nuts, whole fruits and plain yoghurt.
Pancakes, packaged juice, doughnuts, pastries and sugary bars are a NO-NO if you’re looking for healthy breakfast. They’re definitely not good breakfast choices.

4. Not Enjoying Morning Sunlight

It’s unhealthy to laze around the house or on your bed when you wake up. Go out and drink in the sunlight. If you stay in bed too long after you’re up, your weight loss efforts may be rendered vain.
It’s actually necessary, just incase you were wondering and here’s why – sunlight helps speeds up the rate of your metabolism. Infact, one study says that ultraviolet radiation helps to suppress symptoms of obesity and metabolic syndrome.
Another study states that the blue light waves from the early morning helps your body break come alive and helps boost your metabolism.
With your metabolism boosted, weight loss happens easily. So when you’re up in the morning, take a little walk outdoors or do some yoga. Simply stay out for at least thirty minutes, this will have so much effect on your body mass index.
A study published in 2011 states that exercising in natural environments was associated with revitalization feelings and increased energy, along with decreased feelings of tension, anger, depression, anger etc.

5. Not Drinking Water

Drinking a glass of water or lemon water is one of the first things you should do in the morning before anything else. That means you should get a glass of water before drinking some coffee or tea.
Drinking water helps keep your temperature and nutrients balanced. It also aids digestion. Also, water fills up the stomach quickly so that at breakfast, you do not overeat.
One study on obesity establishes that consuming 500ml of water along with a hypocaloric diet leads to a greater weight loss. This is probably as a result of the reduction in amount of food consumed after drinking water .
So, if you would love to lose weight, you should take a glass of lukewarm water. You could even go further to add honey and lemon juice to your water. The combination causes your stomach to be more alkaline, helping you lose weight faster.


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