The Following Habits Might Be Damaging Your Hair


The hair is said to be a beauty pillar. It could make you look good or do just the opposite. That’s why hair products are being sold now more than ever. The consciousness of hair health has spiked over the last few years and it has reflected on the hair industries which are constantly advancing. We all love to have strong, beautiful and healthy hair. Infact, a bad hair day is the worst for some people. Bad hair could affect your esteem and ruin your appearance. Medical conditions and genetics could sometimes have a hand in the health of your hair, still a certain percentage rests on the shoulders of your routine and diet.
A few lucky people have luxurious hair that is natural, others unfortunately experience a difference in hair care and often do not find the brittleness, dryness and hair loss funny.
Although we all try hard enough to make sure our hair is always in great shape, certain habits sometimes lead to the damage of your hair. We do not know some of these habits and so we keep repeating them cluelessly. Thankfully, you’re in the right place as you can what these habits are and avoid them.

Habits that could be damaging your hair

1. Stress

A 2003 study found that one of the first and most important targets for the stressors are the hair follicles. When the body is under great stress, the neurohormones, neurotransmitters and neuropeptides go on to affect the hair follicle activity. Another study carried in 2007 established that stress could, apart from its physical and mental impact, have drastic dermatologic issues like brittle nails, break outs and hair loss. Infact, two to three months after a stressful event, hair loss could still occur. The phase in which the hair falls out is known as the Telogen phase. So if you’ve put yourself under stress for a while now, be rest assured that your hair will be affected. To handle stress, you could carry out simple exercise, practice yoga and meditation, as easy as these sound, you will marvel at their effectiveness.

2. Exposure to the sun

Excessive exposure to the sun will damage anything, including the hair. The sun’s ultraviolet rays could affect hair colour and lead to hair dryness and brittleness. You’ll also begin to notice split ends. If you’re out in the sun too often and for long periods of time, find a way to keep your hair protected., your protection could be a hat or a scarf. You could also try hair substances like an SPF spray

3. Washing the hair with hot water

Heat damages the hair, especially if heat is used in great amounts. It is possible that you want to reduce the excessive oil in the hair and have your cuticles open for easy shampoo application and so you go wash the hair with hot water. What happens is that even though you get these results you want, your hair becomes frizzy and dry. Instead, use warm water when you’re about to shampoo. Warm water helps too when you’re about to get the shampoo in. When you’re done shampooing, rinse with cold water instead to close the cuticles.

4. Scrubbing your hair with a towel

We usually have a terrible habit of drying wet hair with a towel by scrubbing. You also probably didn’t know that was harmful to your hair, but it is. It could cause the hair to break because the hair is most fragile when it is wet and should be handled with care. This is also true for brushing your hair when it is wet. You still could use a towel when you dry your hair, just don’t scrub vigorously, instead press the towel onto your wet hair so the water can be absorbed. Much better it would be if you use a material that is a lot softer, like microfibre towels – this way, your hair is protected from breakage.

5. Sleeping on your hair

When you go to sleep on your hair, you notice how terrible it looks the next morning. It’s even worse when you’re one who fights with hitler in her sleep with all the tossing and turning. You should take special care of the hair especially when you’re about going to sleep as your sleep habits could damage your hair strands and lead to hair loss especially if you use a cotton pillowcase. A cotton pillow case causes the hair to wear and tear, lose moisture and become dry and also to become frizzy. It is advised that you get a silk pillow case or at least go for a satin scarf. With satin, your hair glides easily without damaging the strands. It’s also much better to use silk if your skin is prone to acne as it is much gentler on the skin.

6. Hair Styling Tools

Hair styling tools like a hair dryer could do more damage to the hair than drying your hair naturally. Other tools like the straightener and curler also damage the hair and could even lead to hair loss, especially when it is used frequently. The excess heat treatment causes severe dryness and could lead to breakage. You still could use these tools, all you have to do is use less heat

7. Swimming in chlorinated water

A 2000 study was carried out with sixty seven expert swimmers and fifty four non-swimmers. At the end of the study, it was found that about sixty percent of the swimmers showed hair discoloration when compared with the non-swimmers. When going for a swim, don’t swim so much in chlorinated pools and when you do swim in a chlorinated pool, do well to have your hair protected in a swim cap. Also shampoo your hair right after the swim so the water does not dry in your hair.

8. Tight hairstyles

A recent study found that there was a strong link between tight hairstyles like braids, tight ponytails and buns and the gradual loss of hair or alopecia. It’s suggested that you try to wear your hair down more often and keep your ponytails lose so it doesn’t pull on your scalp.

9. Overwashing

You don’t always have to wash and shampoo your hair so much. Doing this could take away the moisture from your hair and cause hair breakage in the long run. Choose designated days of the week to wash your hand, three or four times a week is just right. If you use a lot of hair products, reduce it to just twice a week. Also use a shampoo that is good for your hair, this improves the beauty of your hair and adds moisture.


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