Ten Effective Natural Remedies for Reducing Dark Circles

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Reducing dark circles, can be very annoying, cause no matter how hard you try to avoid them, they tend to appear when you least expect it, medically it is usually caused by a variety of things, such as; lack of sleep



Hormonal changes


Sickness & stress.

In this article we shall be looking at natural way through which one can truly get rid of this condition.

Ten Effective Natural Remedies

  • Almond oil:


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img Almond oil

The almond oil contains skin lightening components, such as niacin, phytosterols and vitamin E. known to stimulate collagen production which when combined with vitamin E, would go a great deal in reducing dark circles. Use this before going to bed at night (gently massage the almond oil onto the effected layer of the skin, and leave till the next morning, before rinsing this oil off your face using preferably cold water, repeat this routine regularly everyday as desired, as it would help in fastening the treatment process.

  • Cucumber:


 dark circles
img Cucumber

Most people tend to slice cucumber, and place atop of their eyelids, cause they contain ascorbic and caffeic acid, which can reduce water retention. The cucumber also contains properties which contributes to skin lightening, and reducing the dark circles under the eyes.How to use: rinse and cut into thick slices, then seat in a refrigerator to chill for thirty minutes, after which you know place this already cold slice under your eyes (where the dark circles are usually seen) and leave for fifteen minutes, before rinsing your face properly with cold water, this recipe should be used twice daily, as this would help in reducing dark circles.

  • Raw potato:

It’s a natural antioxidant, and contains other nutritional benefits for the skin. Potatoes contains vitamin C, enzymes, and starch that helps to develop the thin skin around the eyes, because it stays cold for an extended period, helping it reduce the inflammation and swelling of the blood vessels. Slice into three thin portions, and place on your eyes for about twenty minutes tops, then rinse thoroughly with cold water, do this twice a day to get your desired results.

  • Water:

Drinking cold water takes care of almost everything. Regarding dark circles, drinking a recommended five-six liters of water per day, is certainly going to help, with the reduction of those dark circles. Recent research has narrowed down three factors that effects the way this remedy works;

  1. Water flushes toxins out of the body system.
  2. As a mineral rich liquid, it stimulates blood flow, and
  3. Water hydrates the skin, more than any other source of liquid.
  • Tomatoes:

Tomatoes are high in lycopene, and excellent substance for the cardiovascular health, vision and skin. It is also known to decrease the appearance of dark circles on the face. Making it a into a fresh paste and mixing it with a little lemon juice, use a cotton ball, or preferably a makeup remover pad, apply this paste like juice on your face (the affected parts) and make sure this doesn’t get in contact with your eyes, leave for ten minutes, then rinse with warm water, do this twice daily, as it would improve the overall wellbeing of your face, and kin at large.

  • Coconut oil:


dark circles
img Coconut oil

The benefits of the coconut oil are endless, generally it improves both your health and enhances your physical appearance, and in this case the appearance of your dark circle, just by merely massaging this oil under your eyes before going to bed, and rinsing it the next morning with lukewarm water, would help greatly. This works as a result of the rich content of vitamin E, and other antioxidants found in the coconut oil, and it helps in repairing already damaged skin cells, while its anti-inflammatory agents aids the reduction of swelling on the face.

  • Cold milk:

Milk contains lactic acid which is good, and known for reducing darkness and swelling around the eye. Simply take two cotton balls and soak into a glass of cold milk, and place under the eyes (where the dark circle tends to appear) and leave for some minutes, do this daily, to get quality improvements.

  • Cold tea bags:

Eliminate dark circles and relief tired eyes, with a couple of tea bags, you would need to steep two tea bags into a cup of steamy hot water, for three minutes after which, the should be removed and placed into a plastic container, then put inside a refrigerator, let this seat for another twenty minutes, before taking them out, squeeze to get all left over liquid, and simply lie down, and place them over your eyes for thirty minutes tops, this remedy would reduce the dark circles, because it is high in antioxidants, and helps the body increase its production of detoxification properties.

  • Turmeric:


img Turmeric paste

The turmeric plant has a lot of benefits and uses, of which one is reducing dark circles, the turmeric plant can effectively remove this dark circles because of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, by just taking two tablespoons of an organic turmeric powder, with a tablespoon of curd, and few drops of lemon juice, apply this paste on the dark circle, and leave for twenty minutes and rinse, follow this routine every day, most preferably before going to bed, for an excellent results (using the organic turmeric is advised as regular kitchen turmeric would leave yellowish spots on your face).

  • Mint leaves:

       This leave is very rich in vitamin C, this vitamin is very efficient, and essential in treating dark circles, and improves the quality of the skins health generally. Making use of already crushed fresh mint leaves to sooth underneath the eyes. The function of this leave is highly admirable, as it contains soothing elements (apply the already pasted mint leave under your eyes and leave for ten-fifteen minutes before washing off gently.

Whether your dark circles are from too many late nights, or they are caused by any of the above mentioned earlier, you can fade them and brighten up your look. Start today with this home remedies, and get the satisfied look you’re going for.







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