Ten Best Teas For Weight Loss


Everybody loves tea! We all begin our day with a hot cup of the beverage. Those who do not are obviously the ones who take coffee instead. This beverage has been in existence for the longest 9f time, still though its full potential has hardly been harnessed.

Tea has been found to help you lose weight and boost general health. One of the healthiest and most popular tea is the Green tea which is derived from the Camellia sinensis plant. It is primarily known to be a weight loss tea.

Recently, studies have unearthed lots of other flowers, herbs and roots which are as effective in weight loss as green tea. In this article, you will discover ten best teas for weight loss and how to make good use of them.

Teas for weight loss

Green tea

It’s already been previously mentioned that green tea is gotten from Camellia sinensis. It is from the plant’s apical leaves that the green tea is gotten. It has a rich catechin (epigallocatechin gallate, EGCG) and caffeine. These ingredients are important in the loss of weight. EGCG is an antioxidant which contributes to weight loss by combating free radicals and thus causing a reduction in inflammation.

As a result, obesity induced by inflammation is also reduced. According to studies, green tea has been proven to boost satiety, improve fat metabolism and inhibit obesity genes in patients who are obese or even diabetic. This way, weight is shed off.


• Heat one cup of water until it is almost boiled.
• When it’s at least 85, pour the hot water in a tea pot and mix in one teaspoon of green tea leaves.
• Close the tea pot and then steep for four minutes.
• Afterwards, get a mug and strain into it
• You could squeeze lemon into it for flavour

You could have green tea at breakfast or before lunch. Stay away from the tea before bed. Also make sure you do not go above 5 cups in a day. If you have issues with caffeine, or have anxiety problems, then you should also stay away from green tea.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea works towards weight loss by banishing unhealthy cravings. Once your cravings for unhealthy foods that are sugary, fatty or salty are quenched, it is easy to maintain a healthy diet and thus shed a few pounds. According to studies, it is said that the minty scent triggers a reaction in the brain that decreases hunger feelings. A research carried out found that participants that continually had the mint oil inhaled at two hour intervals lost averagely five pounds.


• Boil one cup of water
• Add ten peppermint leaves once the water begins to boil and let it continue to boil for another five minutes.
• Next, strain the tea into a cup or your favourite mug and drink
• If you prefer using tea bags instead of tea leaves, then go ahead. Simply steep the peppermint tea bag in boiled water for four minutes before discarding.

You could have it at break or a few hours before bed. The maximum you can have in a day is 3 cups per day.

White tea

Remember Camellia sinensis? Well, white tea is also gotten from this plant. The tea enhances weight loss by suppressing the formation of fat cells. It also works to break down fat in the body rather effectively. As a bonus, effects related to diabetes in the brain could also be inhibited.


• You won’t be letting the water boil in this case, you would just need to let it heat up. We’re still sticking with one cup of water.
• Bring it off the flame and allow to cool for a minute or two.
• Get an empty clean tea pot and add one teaspoon of white tea.
• Next, pour the hot water into it.
• Close the pot and let it steep for four minutes.
• Strain it afterwards and drink

You can have the tea at breakfast, few hours before before lunch or few hours before dinner. Do not take it right before bed and do not take any more than 2 cups per day.

Oolong Tea

Black dragon, that’s what oolong means. It’s Chinese. The tea is packed with catechins as in the green tea and as such is able to enhance weight loss. It does this by promoting fat metabolism. A Chinese study realized that participants who took the tea consistently shed 6 pounds in six weeks – technically, one pound for every week!


• In this case, you’ll be letting the cup of water boil.
• Take off the flame and allow to cool for a minute or two
• As in the white tea, pour a teaspoon of the tea into an empty tea pot and then add the boiled water into it.
• Close the tea pot and steep for four minutes.
• Afterwards strain and drink up.

You could have the oolong tea at breakfast, a few hours before lunch or a few hours before dinner. The maximum amount you should take per day is five cups. It contains a little caffeine, you should therefore avoid it if you have issues with caffeine.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is gotten from a plant grown in South Africa. The plant is known as the red bush plant. The rooibos tea is especially good for the belly because it contains an amazing flavonoid known as Aspalathin. Aspalathin is shown to be effective in decreasing those stress hormones responsible for fat storage, hunger and are linked with health problems like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is actually the root of a plant as it popularly used as medicine and spice. It contains a compound known as gingerol. This bioactive compound is what makes the root smell the way it does. Beyond that, it gives the root its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, blood pressure – reduction, glucose-sensitizing and anti-nausea problems. What a property! The root is also known to increase feelings of fullness.


• Get one cup of water heated
• Right before it boils, add a teaspoon of ginger that has been grated.
• Then let it boil for five minutes after which you should take it off the flame and let it cool
• You could add lemon or honey to taste if you can’t stand just the taste of ginger.
• Strain and drink.

You could have the tea at breakfast. You also could have it in between, ears. The maximum you should have is three cups of the tea in one day.

Lemon Tea

Lemon tea is effective in taking care of our bloated belly. It is able to do it as it contains D-Limonene, am antioxidant which possesses diuretic effects. According to a study, the antioxidant did have important therapeutic effects on the metabolic disorders. This was tested with a mice that had obesity which was induced by feeding it with foods that had high fat content.

Black tea

This is another popular tea. Its polyphenol content help inhibit the body’s absorption of fat. Studies show that having one cup of the tea everyday have tremendous effects on cardiovascular function.

Pu-erh tea

The pu-erh tea is a black tea with its origins in China. It works by shrinking whatever fat cells it finds in the body as a result of an ingredient it contains. It is also rich in gallic acid which is able to inhibit fat absorption by the body.


• Simply heat a cup of water. It should not get boiled
• Take it off the flame
• To a teapot, add the tea bag or leaves and pour in the hot water.
• Close the teapot and steep for four minutes.
• Strain and then drink .

Two or three cups of the tea is ideal for a day.

Rosemary tea

The rosemary is well-known and is popularly used as a cooking spice. It is gotten from Rosmarinus officinalis plant and has leaves that resemble spikes. It is known to have amazing antioxidant and antidepressant properties. These two wonderful characteristics make it ideal in the enhancement of weight loss.


• Bring one cup of water to boil
• Pour the water into a teapot and add two teaspoons of rosemary (dried) or a fresh rosemary sprig.
• Next, steep for four to five minutes and strain before drinking.

Three cups of rosemary tea is enough for a day. Anything more is not advisable.


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