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One could say that living with wrinkles and fine lines, especially those on the forehead, should be with pride and great carriage. My reason, though a bit overboard, being that they are a sign that you are quite having a lot of fun and excitement as they mostly come from smiling or laughing a great deal. I am sure that you are thinking, that reason is definitely not worth having these wrinkles after all, you are right, the wrinkles could look so ugly at times.

Asides whether they look fine or ugly, or whatever sign they are giving, in the end, they could be a result of some skin damage, please mark the words “could be.”
Can you guess the part of our bodies most prone to wrinkles? Did I hear you say the forehead? Yes, you are right the forehead it is. There are several ways of treating this however, you could employ medical methods that will require you paying some amounts and the help of a professional. You could also simply carry out most of these treatments at home with natural remedies, most of which have no side effects.

What exactly causes wrinkles?

This is one question several people have sought answers to for years, what causes these wrinkles? Well I do not plan to waste your time so let’s delve in and attempt to answer this question.


This is a no brainer. As we grow older the collagen, which it the elastic tissue under the skin that allows it to return to its original state after stretching, gets to lose its elastic properties. This together with the effect of gravity on the skin and the loss of tension in muscles and you have wrinkles.

Exposure to sunlight.

The skin loses moisture to the sun, the collagen layer under the skin is also depleted from this process. The more sun you are exposed to, the more probability you have of getting wrinkles.

Repetitive facial movements.

Every time you express your emotions through facial movements, either smiling, laughing, frowning, etc. you put your skin under tension and after a while it does not snap back as it should. This is the onset of wrinkles.There are several other reasons, just do some research to find them out.

How to deal with wrinkles?

I can guess this is your major reason for reading this article. So below are a few ways of combating and removing wrinkles from your skin.

– Using retinoic acid. This contains a lot of vitamin A and creams which contain this usually come with a prescription. What it does is it helps to develop a new layer of collagen under the skin. The effects may take between six weeks and six months to be visible though and it is not advisable for pregnant women.

– Vitamin C. This also boosts collagen development. It is majorly used because of its antioxidant properties.

– You could also try some natural remedies like egg whites, olive oil, fruits and vegetables, lemon juice and basic massages.

In all these you should know that it is not a very quick process, depending on how much of the collagen has been lost. It requires a lot of patience and religiosity.

Home Remedy

You can also use a simple home remedy to get rid of wrinkles.


  • Papaya
  • Cucumber


  • Grater
  • Bowl
  • Strainer


  • Get an averagely ripen papaya and a cucumber
  • Wash thoroughly with cold water
  • Grate the papaya and cucumber into the bowl
  • Strain the shaft to get only the juice
  • Get a facial wipe and leave in the open to dry
  • Dip this in the juice you just prepared and place over your face with your head facing up
  • You can do this in your bed
  • Leave to stay till it dries
  • Repeat treatment every day for best result.

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