Regardless of the part of the body that is being shaved, the process is usually spontaneous and non-rational, except of course the pubic region.

I can guess you are reading this article because you are trying to answer the question of how best you can shave your pubic hairs without having a backlash. Well, you are not alone. There is a whole lot of information on the internet about shaving or removing hairs from other parts of the body like the legs and underarm, yet we are starved of information about shaving the pubic area which has proven to be most sensitive of all.

The pubic area, especially in women where a certain pH needs to be kept almost constant, is extremely sensitive and should be treated as such. This means that if did not have any before, you need tips on how to shave correctly without putting yourself in trouble.

To ensure the health of our pubic areas, this article is providing a few steps that should be taken when shaving the pubic area.

1. Trim hair. It is always easier to shave the pubic hair, or hair on any other part of the body when the hair is trimmed initially before the final shave. Take a pair of scissors and trim the hair in your pubic region to just a few centimeters long, it will definitely make life easier for you.
2. Exfoliate the skin in the pubic region. The process of exfoliation will enable you to shave as close to the root of the hair as possible. To achieve this simply take a wash cloth, loofah or exfoliating sponge and use it on your skin as mildly as possible. You should try as much as possible to avoid harsh exfoliants as they can cause you more harm than good.
3. Apply some shaving cream. This next step requires you applying a generous amount of shaving cream to the areas you plan on shaving. For best results use a fragrance free shaving cream, the reason for this is that shaving creams with fragrances can be somewhat caustic on mild skin causing them unnecessary irritations.
4. Shave the hairs. Pull your skin to make it tight or taut and simply shave in the direction of the hair growth. Making the skin taut is necessary because it reduces the risk of you being hurt by the blade, blades work better on flat smooth surfaces, making the skin taut helps you to achieve that. Shaving in the direction of hair growth will ensure that you do not irritate the hair follicle.
5. Rinse the pubic area. Once you are done with shaving, it is expedient to rinse off the area to wash away any leftover shaving cream. After rinsing you can dry off the area with a clean dry towel.
6. Moisturize the area. After shaving, you should not just leave the area like that, you should use some fragrance free lotion on the area or some powder to avoid rubbing or chaffing.

I trust that this has been helpful to your cause of finding the best way to shave the hairs in your pubic area.


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