Not every business requires buying and selling, vegetable farming is arguably one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria, though some people still deny this. Vegetables are a major aspect of almost every soup in all the different tribes of the country, they are also seen as major condiments used in preparing both local and continental dishes. It is no more news that nations of the world are gradually returning to agriculture as it has proven to be a mainstay of several economies. Vegetable farming happens to be one of the easiest forms of agriculture to engage in as it requires little or no expertise just a willingness to be involved and an ability to learn fast on the job.

Profitability of the business

Vegetable farming is most times overlooked by many but when you consider how much profit can be made from the little initial investment, you just want to put in all that you can. With just a thousand naira, you can start your vegetable farm and from that you can make a profit of about five or six thousand depending on your location.

What do you need to start?

It is quite easy to start a vegetable business, let us check out what you need:

Get your target market

Vegetables are perishable, which is why this should be your first step, figure out who you want to sell to before venturing out.

Choose you farm site

Ensure you seek out a fertile land for your business, this will ensure quick turnover. It will also determine how much capital you will need.

Decide what kind of vegetable you want to plant

There are several kinds of vegetables as you would have figured out, however to make this choice you should consider the market as well as the kind of diseases that could affect them in your locality.

Finally, you can be making yourself some good money by investing in the venture, it is very lucrative.


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