Food is one of the three essentials of life, as a matter of fact, without food man can hardly survive. These facts alone makes food business one that is lucrative and worth investing in. Nigerians being who we are love good food and will eat at any opportunity, in the home, at a wedding, burial, get together, on a date, etc. The great aspect about starting a restaurant is that you do not need mega bucks to startup, you can start at the lower rungs and gradually grow the business by developing your client base steadily.

What you need to start your restaurant


I put this as the first point because you sure need a lot of it in this business. The competition here is quite stiff and the challenges faced can be really discouraging, but with determination, no mountain is too high to climb.

Be open to learning

Do not restrict yourself to what you know alone, the food business is constantly evolving, you need to constantly grow your knowledge, be up to date with recipes and innovations. There is no shame in learning from your peers and contemporaries in this business, it would not stop you from growing.

Write a business plan

Your business plan asides leading you in the business will also help you source for funds which you may need in running the business. It will also give an idea to anyone you want on your team what the business is about and how it should be run.

Your business location and registration

Location in business is practically everything. You should site your business where you will attract the kind of crowd or clients you need. Figure out your specialty and place your business in the areas where they require your services. Ensure that your venue is well furnished for the comfort of your clients. Finally on this point register with all the necessary bodies to avoid embarrassment which could kill your business.

In conclusion, you can make a fortune from a restaurant but ensure you manage the business properly and also employ the right kind of staff.


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