Water is life and it is no doubt a very essential aspect of human existence and sustenance on earth. Studies shows that a little over 71% of the earth surface is submerged with water and similarly 50-65% of the human body weight is also made up of water. Pure water business is a very lucrative one in Nigeria and as such a lot of wise investors put in their money into this venture which always yields good profit with proper management.

What you need to start your pure water business in Nigeria

A business venue

This is one of the most important aspects of the business, you should figure out how much you have to spend on this. You should also consider that the place your business is sited will determine to a large extent how successful your business will turn out. You can build or decide to rent a venue.

Register your business with the right quarters

You should then pick out a business name and register it with the country’s register of companies, CAC. This gives you an edge and makes your business more trustworthy. Asides the CAC you should register with other approving bodies like NAFDAC and ministry of health.

Make the necessary installations

To run this kind of business there are several installations that should be made, some of them include a borehole, overhead tank, water purification unit, distillation plant, sealing and packaging plant, etc. All these will be necessary for you to get approval from NAFDAC and other regulatory bodies.

Employing manpower

The next aspect is employing people that will handle all the equipment that you are installing, after all you cannot operate them all at the same time. You will need this to be more efficient and produce at a faster rate.

In conclusion, you will need about 2 million naira if you want to go into medium scale production in Nigeria, but you can be sure you will break even in less than a year as water is always on demand, even though competition is very high.


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