How to Start a Fruit Selling Business in Nigeria and Make Money


Fruit is one thing that will always be consumed daily by people. Studies have revealed that consuming fruits on a regular basis will help the in the general metabolism of the body and also helps the body stay healthy.


There is a popular saying that says ”an apple a day keeps the doctor away” because of this more people now consume more apples to stay healthy. Fruits have also been shown to help the overall appearance of the skin and makes the skin to glow examples of such fruit is papaya.

You are likely going to succeed in your fruit selling business if you follow my tips closely.


The first thing to consider before starting your fruit business is the location.


LOCATION is very important if you must succeed in any business you chose. To make the most out of your fruit selling business and have costumers swam in to buy your fruits you have to locate your business in a busy road with lot of foot traffic. People will only stop to buy from you where there is a lot of foot traffic, that is, many people walking by, that way, moving vehicles will also slow down because of the number of people on the road, that way your business will easily be noticed.


If you really want to succeed in your fruit selling business, then you must consider selling varieties of fruit. For example, if i want to buy fruits and i see Mrs A with about 3 types of fruit and Mrs B with over 50 different types of fruits, i will definitely walk down to Mrs B with different types of fruits, that way i will be able to choose from different types of fruits, especially for the smoothie lovers. Another thing is that when a costumer sees different fruit types, there is a higher tendency that the costumer will buy more fruits than he/she budgeted to buy. So when going out to buy your fruits, always look for fruit varieties, that way you will attract more customers.



  • Buy a fairly used fridge so you can cool fruits for some costumers who like it when their fruit is cold.


  • Another thing is to get disposable plates where you will package your fruit salad and preserve it in the fridge. This is because some costumers don’t want to go through the stress of peeling fruits before they can eat it. This way you will make more gain because you are selling processed fruit.. how cool is that? Remember to include the cost of the disposable plate in the price of the fruits. This is to ensure you are not making losses.


  • Always wash your fruit and make them appear neat and clean, that way it will not only attract costumers, but will also give you a positive image.


Have you started your fruit selling business already? what are the challenges you are facing?

If you want to start selling fruits, was this tips helpful? Let me know in the comment section below.


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