some mistakes you might be making if you have thin hair


Thin hair can be really challenging and a little difficult to manage. Though we are aware that there are certain factors such as, diseases, medications, genes and hormones that we have little or no control over that are the culprits behind our hair thinning and loss, research has shown that there might be things we inadvertently do on a daily basis that can make our hair prone to this damage, breakage and subsequent fallout. Of which stress and poor diet play a major role.

Combination of a high stress level and very poor diet leaves you on a high risk of experiencing hair loss and thinning than one of these causes alone.

Fortunately for you, the situation can be remedied. All you need to do is make a few adjustments to your everyday habits.

Here are some of the common mistakes people with thin hair make, and what they should try doing instead

Pulling your hair back tightly when wet

Pulling your hair back when it is still wet is very tempting, especially when you are in a rush to throw your hair into a ponytail just after you left the shower. Doing this however can cause serious damage to your hair, mostly if you have thin strands. This is because, hair stretches when it is wet, so pulling your hair up in a tie when it is still wet can add stress on the hair and can lead to hair breakage or hair loss.

If there’s a need to tie your hair when it is wet, use a scrunchie and a wide plastic band.

 Using too much hair oil

Hair oil may be very important for your hair. It could make your hair feel nice. But for individuals with thin hair, it is not really advisable you use too much hair oil. Because it can be very heavy, leaving your hair strands flat and stuck to the scalp. Instead, look for a deep conditioning treatment that can help you achieve a healthy hair. Also, avoid using hair oil when styling

Not using styling products

People with thin scalp are always faced with the task of picking the right styling products. This is why, when they finally get the one that can create thickness and volume, it is usually monumental. Therefore, if you want to make your hair look and feel thicker, your best option is to find and use a thickening spray that has volume before blow drying your hair. If you just blow-dry and leave it, your hair may appear or feel lifeless.

 Not using color

While you probably have the best intentions in your mission to not color your hair, you might be surprised to learn that adding a little color can do wonders for enhancing thickness. Sometimes, when color or highlight is added to the hair, it gives you the illusion of a fuller hair by creating a contrast of shadows and lightness. Physically plumping your cuticle also helps give you your desired fuller thicker hair.

Using a conditioner 

If the fear of having your hair become too flat is making you avoid using hair consider, you might want to reconsider. Your scalp needs as more moisture as your face does. However, what you need to be on the lookout for is conditioners that are suitable for your hair type, preferably, a volumizing conditioner.

Volumizing conditioner can work with your limp and thin hairs, to get the desired amount of body out of each hair strand. 

Over washing your hair

You might want to tone down on washing your hair every day especially if your hair is thin and fragile.

Constantly washing your hair every day will not only make it thin and dry, but also extremely brittle. You should also consider dry shampoos as they are a great supplement to help prevent or to the very least avoid breakage.

You can also go for a dry powder shampoo as its powder form will add more volume to your thin hair and also blends well into light strands.

Not taking multivitamins that promote hair growth

Sometimes, something as overlooked as being deficient in vitamins could result in hair loss. This is why a hair, skin and nail vitamin, like biotin, is recommended for those who are experiencing hair loss. Your hair is a reflection of something that is going on inside of your body and sometimes you just need to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

Overusing a cover-up powder

To cover up any areas of your scalp that may be thinning or totally bald, many people use powders meant to mimic the look of hair. “This is a colored fiber that you shake onto the scalp to create thickness around the hair shaft and a powdery fiber substance lies on your scalp. If this is repeated every day for months and years, your follicle will get clogged and suffocate, creating more hair loss.  Instead, try using it once or twice a week at most.

Overusing hair extensions

Extensions might instantly give you the thicker, fuller hair you’re looking for, but, over time, they put also put a lot of strain on the hairs which the extensions are attached to, which causes scarring alopecia.  The key is to change up your hairstyle every three months, so you can give your hair and scalp a much-needed break.

Avoiding haircuts

Even for those with thinning hair, it’s better to get a haircut on a regular basis and strengthen your ends than to visit the salon only a few times each year. This is because cleaning up regularly will keep your hair healthy, and clean. It also makes the end of your hair appear fuller.

Not Dealing With Product Buildup

Even if you don’t saturate your hair with products like shampoo, conditioner and other elements that can accumulate your scalp, thereby weighing it down,  a healthy scalps ensures a healthy hair. This is why you should use a clarifying shampoo or any conditioner suitable for your hair regularly to prevent product buildup and keep your hair healthy.


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