Contrary to the opinion of some that just going to the spa will give you a glowing and spotless skin, it might do the direct opposite if you end up in the wrong spa using the wrong skin products. Now I am not saying going to a spa is bad, but there are cheaper ways of getting a glowing and spotless skin. One of such ways is using tomato face masks. Yea right, I just said tomato.

Tomatoes can be used for more than just a food ingredient, it can be used as a beauty product to get better skin. Check below for how you can make and use tomato face masks.

Simple tomato face mask

The easiest way to use tomato as a face mask is to just cut the tomato in two and rub it all over the face and neck areas. You should rub in circular motions and leave for between 10 and 15 minutes. After this rinse the face with clean water and pat dry with a clean towel. Repeat this twice weekly for a glowing and spotless skin.

Tomato-sugar exfoliating mask

This gives best results for oily skin or skin plagued with blackheads. It works to remove the dead layer of skin and then expose the new inner skin. Sugar is known to contain alpha hydroxyl acids which are potent for renewing the skin. To make this you simply need one tomato and half a teaspoon of sugar. Simply half the tomato and cover the surface with sugar then rub in circular motion all through your face. Rinse off after 15 minutes and use once a week.

Few benefits of tomatoes on the skin

  1. Helps to reduce fine lines on the skin.
  2. Cleanses the skin to rid blackheads, acne and exfoliate the skin of dead cells.
  3. Act as antioxidant to deal with wrinkles.
  4. Promotes renewal of cells.

Get yourself some tomatoes today and enjoy a glowing and spotless skin.


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