When we consider the stress we go through daily, the amount of ultraviolet rays we are directly or indirectly exposed to and the pollution that fills the air, getting a flawless skin can be almost impossible. It either the skin tone has been damaged considerably or the effects of free radicals has caused wrinkles and fine lines, etc. Asides these, we go for holidays planning to have great fun, which we end up having most times, only to come home twice as dark as we left. It can be really pathetic.

No need to worry anymore, there are ways of getting rid of this unwanted tan or skin tone as quick as they came, guess what these methods are all natural, let us take a look at a few.

Honey and Lemon juice

We all know that lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent which has great skin whitening effects. Adding some honey makes it moisturizing agent as well.

  1. Simply add the honey to the lemon juice in a bowl and mix to get a homogenous mixture.
  2. Apply directly to the skin and leave for about 15 minutes.
  3. Wash off and dry the skin with a towel.
  4. You can add sugar to the lemon juice and scrub the skin with it to exfoliate dead cells.

Tomato and yogurt

Tomato is recognized as a great antioxidant which works well with brightening the skin and reducing the effects of free radicals and ultraviolet rays. Yogurt helps in softening the skin and making it moisturized.

  1. Peel off the skin of raw tomato.
  2. Blend with one or two teaspoons of yogurt.
  3. Paste on the skin and wash off after about 20 minutes.

Cucumber juice

Cucumber has a powerful cooling effect that is great for removing skin tan. Take the following steps:

  1. Shred the cucumber to allow you squeeze out the juice.
  2. Apply over the skin with a cotton ball.
  3. Wash off after it is dried up.


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