Simple Home Remedies For Dark Circles


The dark circles found around the eyes are a major source of worry for a lot of people affected by it .Some worry it will never come off while others resort to costly products that could have side effects much later. Rest easy, you’re not the only one with the dark circles, it’s a common problem among individuals and is caused by several reasons. Because the skin around the eyes are so thin and delicate, whatever goes on inside is visible on the outside. If these dark circles are not attended to on time, they could affect your overall appearance and even lead to health complications. It’s much better to play it safe and go for easy, side-effect-free methods  especially for those individuals who have sensitive skin. That’s why this article has been written, to show you alternatives that have been tried, tested and proven.

What Causes Dark Circles? 

Dark circles form around the eyes for various reasons. These reasons include the following :

  • Dark circles could sometimes appear as a result of an allergy to ingredients of a particular product. It is could be ingredients of a make-up product, a skin care product, eye drops etc.
  • It could be that the pigmentation runs in the family and is hereditary.
  • Constant and incessant scratching and rubbing of the eyes could eventually lead to a discolouration
  • Lack of good sleep
  • Smoking could lead to this problem as a result of the free radicals released in the skin while smoking.
  • Physical and mental stress has already been known to reflect on the skin. It also reflects around the eyes.
  • Excessive exposure to the sun could also lead to darkening around the eyes.
  • Nasal allergies
  • Exhaustion
  • Oversleeping
  • Iron deficiency
  • Aging

The home of remedies for dark circles include:

1. Tomatoes 

Tomatoes are ideal for banishing dark circles because of their antioxidant and phytochemical property. Lycopene is a phytochemical found in tomatoes that helps keep skin safe from damage. The antioxidants in the tomatoes decrease the darkening and ‘bleaches’ the skin around the eyes.

You will need :

  • A teaspoon of tomato juice
  • A teaspoon of lemon juice

To use :

  • Get a teaspoon of tomato juice mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice.
  • You can add two teaspoons of gram flour to the mixture if you want. You can also add a teaspoon of rose water if your skin is sensitive.
  • Apply the mixture onto the dark circles
  • Leave on for about ten minutes and then rinse off with cold water.
  • Stay consistent with this twice daily for about two weeks to a month and watch the changes.
  • You can also drink the tomato and lemon juice mixture, add some mint leaves to it if you are going to.

2. Cold Tea Bags

The skin under the eye is usually darker as a result of the dilation of the vessels around it, causing excess fluid retention and puffiness. Tea bags contain tannins and caffeine that possess astringent characteristics. They help shrink the tissues and constrict the dilated blood vessels, thus reducing the fluid retention and lightening the dark circles. It also leaves the eyes feeling refreshed.

You will need :

  • Two tea bags (preferably green tea or chamomile)
  • A cup or bowl of water

To use :

  • Soak the tea bags in water and leave in the refrigerator for about ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Take the bags out and place on your eyes.
  • Let it stay for fifteen minutes
  • Wash your face afterwards
  • Do this twice daily until you begin to sight noticeable changes.

3. Cold Cucumber 

Remember those movies and cartoons where we see ladies have cucumber slices on their eyes in a spa? We didn’t know how effective what they did was. Cucumber is infact one of the most popular and effective means of taking care of the dark circles around the eyes  It contains a lot of antioxidants like cucurbitacins, vitexin, orientin etc which help lighten the skin around the eyes. It also possesses astringent properties and helps constrict dilated blood vessels, thus reducing puffiness and darkness. Using the cucumber on the eyes can be refreshingly and cooling. It will leave your eyes feeling brand new.

You will need :

  • One fresh cucumber

To use :

  • Cut the fresh cucumber into thick slices and place them in a refrigerator
  • After thirty minutes, take two out of the slices and place on your eye lids or wherever is affected
  • Leave it on for ten minutes and wash off using cold water
  • Do twice daily for three weeks. In no time, your eyes will look and feel fresher than ever.

4. Cold Milk 

Seems everything used to remedy the dark circles has to be cold, right? Cold milk is another way to remedy your racoon eye situation. Milk contains lactic acid,  selenium, Vitamins A, B6 and B12. The lactic acid is known to be beneficial to the skin in terms of smoothness and strength  It also helps to get rid of fine wrinkle lines. The other vitamins helps produce skin cells and is effective in lightening dark skin. Selenium keeps the skin protected from damage caused by the sun or free radicals.

You will need :

  • Two Cotton balls
  • Half a bowl of milk

To use :

  • Refrigerate the milk for about thirty minutes
  • Dip the cotton balls in cold milk and place on the affected area making sure it completely covers the area.
  • Allow it for fifteen minutes and rinse it off
  • Consistently repeat for two weeks everyday.

5. Potatoes 

Potatoes ? Oh, yes! Potatoes contain impressive bleaching agents that are highly effective in lightening dark circles and reducing puffiness. They also contain starch, vitamins and useful enzymes. Oh, they also should be used cold!

You will need :

  • A raw potato
  • Two cotton balls

To use :

  • Let the potato be refrigerated first for a while before use.
  • Grate the potato afterwards
  • You would need the juice. So, extract the potato juice from the grated potato
  • Get your cotton balls wet with the juice (no pun intended).
  • Place over the eyes making sure the affected areas are covered completely.
  • Leave for ten minutes before washing off with cold water.
  • Religiously carry out this technique twice a day for three weeks. Definite changes are bound to occur.


The methods listed above are easy methods that could easily be carried out with stuff in your kitchen. It should also be exciting getting to try out some new stuff.

Let us know how it went for you and what results you noticed.








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