Seven Secrets of Healthy People


The meaning of being healthy has been lost somewhere. Although there are lots of information from books or on the Internet, being healthy still seems so complex. It shouldn’t be this way. It should be easy and there’s nothing else your body should be other than healthy.
We’ve decided to make this easier for you so you realize that you too can attain good health without doing so much
You may have often wondered how it is that some folks are much healthier than the rest. Could it be that there are certain habits these folks have learned that some of need to?
We believe you deserve to know these things so your life gets easier and you get healthier effortlessly . To that effect, we’ve made a list to show you a few things we think you’ll be grateful for and take more seriously.
So shall we?
The Secrets of Healthy People

They do not diet.

This may come as a shock as we know you’ve been dieting to try to lose weight. A study was carried out on a hundred and forty seven adults who maintain their weight.
At the end of the study, it was realised that seventy four percent of them hardly diet. This should make sense to you as you should have noticed dieting hardly ever works for the long term.
According to statistics, out of the ten people who will deliberately lose weight, one will get thinner than when they started, four will get weightier and five will go back to their former weight after five years.

They Exercise Regularly

We’ve found that folks who spend at least thirty minutes working out hardly fall sick or do not get sick as often. This is because exercising boosts your immune system and is also useful for other health reasons
It’s not a rule to go to the gym. You could simply take strolls, jog, run or even cycle for about thirty minutes everyday.
We suggest you go for aerobic exercises as they are the best option. They boost your heart rate and pushes blood rich in nutrients throughout the body.
Plus, it also helps decrease the number of molecules in the body that may cause inflammatory conditions that could break down the immune system.
According to studies, exercising will lower your risk of developing serious health problems like stroke, depression, heart disease, cancer, dementia and type 2 diabetes. Plus, it also helps slow down aging and makes you appear younger.

They Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Eating fruits and vegetables in their natural and uncooked state is one of the most important points to note as regards your health. Fruits that are brightly coloured, like tomatoes, bananas and the likes are great sources of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. These will help boost your immune system so that it can easily ward disease off and keep you fit.
Eat a lot of food that is unprocessed as they a lot healthier than processed food. Bio-dynamic foods grown locally and are in season are the best kind. You could even learn to grow a garden instead, so you don’t have to spend so much on fruits and vegetables.
Apples, red and yellow peppers, apples, papayas, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage and spinach are examples of fruits and vegetables that you can eat in their natural form.

They keep the kitchen clean.

Did you know that chaos can make you stress eat? A chaotic and messy kitchen can cause you to eat twice as much sugar. According to a study carried out in 2016, it was found that disarray primes us for a lack-of-control and induce stress, both make us want to eat more.
However, when you’re in perfect order and it reflects in your kitchen, you feel more in control and it helps you resist control better. So here’s what we suggest – clean up your kitchen (entire house actually) or learn to meditate.

Manage Stress

People who are happy and manage stress well hardly get sick. A study states that stress will very easily cause damage to your heart and immune system, making your body unable to fight off diseases.
Other studies as well suggest that so much stress can increase your chances of coming down with a bacteria infection like tuberculosis. It’s therefore important to learn to relax early enough and manage stress as much as you can.
When you get tensed or stressed, we suggest that you try to ease the stress by taking a vigorous walk for at least thirty minutes. This will help you relax a lot more.
There are other ways to help manage stress :
• Laughter, which will help release endorphins which bust stress naturally.
• A healthy diet, especially one rich in fruits and vegetables.
• Getting a good sleep for at least seven hours

Get Enough Rest and Sleep

Getting rested or getting good sleep is one of the most underrated healthy habits. Lots of people don’t know how much effect this has on your body. When your body gets a whooping eight hours of sleep, your body gets harmoniously balanced and you tend to feel upbeat.
Sleep deprivation can have degenerative effects on your physical, as well as your mental health.
You’re better able to handle the stress your day brings when you’re well rested, your blood pressure is balanced, your cholesterol level is normal, your memory power is boosted, you’re less likely to get depressed, inflammation is reduced, your body weight is maintained and a whole lot more.
Plus, your immune system gets boosted and is able to fight against bacteria and viruses, thus keeping you healthy.

Stay Hydrated

Did you know that the human body is made up of close to seventy percent water. Staying hydrated will help greatly lower your risks of getting sick.
By staying hydrated, your body stays in proper harmony in cellular functioning. This is important, especially in the transferring of nutrients to different parts of the body.
It also helps get rid of excess toxins that get into our system through our pores.
To stay hydrated easily, drink plenty of water throughout the day. The ideal amount is about ten glasses. You could also eat lots of fruits and vegetables as they have a high water content.
We also suggest you avoid habits that get you dehydrated, like excessive alcohol intake, high salt intake and excessive consumption of carbonated drinks.


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