For several centuries, rice water has been used as a very potent skin toner and powerful cleanser. It has also been used a screen to shield the skin from dangerous effects of the sun’s rays, ensuring that the skin is kept tender and free from damage. There are several toners and cleansers available on the shelves of beauty stores but most of these contain chemicals which cause more harm than good to the skin. Rice water on the other hand asides from being a very powerful toner and cleanser, provides the skin with several nutrients which keeps the moisture of the skin and nourishes it at the same time.

If we all had the option of purchasing a magic formula to make us look far younger than our ages, we will definitely pay a fortune to have it in our possession. Well that is what I am presenting to you in this article and the best news is this, it does not cost a fortune, you can make it in your house without much stress.

Before we continue, let’s take quick look at each of the ingredients of this powerful formula, their benefits and then we can look at how to mix and administer the formula.

Benefits of rice water

Many centuries ago it was discovered by the Asians that rice water contains several vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for great skin and hair. As a result of this, the women from the Asian region, where rice was a major crop, used the water to take their bath and wash their hair. The water was gotten after it had been used to wash the rice. Below are a few benefits:

It helps to give the skin a glow, while keeping it smooth and bright. It also keeps the skin moisturized and evens out the skin tone.
When used to wash the face regularly, you will notice a natural glow to the skin.
Due to its natural cooling effect, it helps to cure sunburns and inflammations on the skin.

Benefits of green tea

This product works like magic to cleanse the skin and ensure an even tone.
It also helps to improve the skin complexion and brightness.
It is perfect for curing acne, cleansing blemishes, removing dark spots and scars. This is because it contains several nutrients which have natural healing attributes.
Green tea also works on the improving the elasticity of the skin by refreshing the collagen layer which is just below the skin.
Due to its antioxidant properties, it works well to reverse aging on the skin.

Directions to make this powerful skin cleanser


Green tea
A ball of cotton

How to prepare

Pour the rice into a bowl and pour a cup of warm water over it then mix properly.
Brew a bag of green tea by putting it in a cup and pouring some hot water over it.
Mix the liquids from the two mixtures in a bowl.
Store in the fridge and use when needed. To use just dip the cotton ball into the mixture and rub over the face. It can be used twice to three times a week.


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