Rice water for hair growth- What you should know

If you have not been using the rice water method to enhance your hair growth, best believe
you have been making a mistake and here are a few reasons;


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Rice Water Protects hair from damage and promotes growth:

Research shows that rice contains a carbohydrate substance called ‘inositol’. Inositol is the
singular substance in rice that promotes hair growth and stays in the hair even after it has
been washed out, leaving the hair protected days after use. To see proper results from the
rice water method, you will have to use rice water on your hair regularly, IT IS NOT A ONE

Did you know that even Japanese women use rice water for their hair growth?

For that shine: Rice water causes your hair to shine and your skin to glow.

Should you use fermented rice water or not?

Fermented rice water please! In case you are wondering why? It is like drinking fresh palm wine and drinking fermented palm wine, if you have been there, you should know how much more potent palm wine is after it has been left to ferment. Liken it to the rice water situation, that is what it is like.
When the rice water is left to ferment, it produces more nutrients than the fresh rice water
and this nutrients cause the rice water to be more effective.

How to Make rice water

Rinse!: You do not want your rice water to have any dirt that may damage your hair.

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Boil water: While you rinse your rice, set clean water on a burner to boil. Add your boiled
water to the rice and stir occasionally for 10-15 minutes till the water is whitish.

Sieve: Sieve your rice and set the water aside either overnight (for the fermented method)
or just to cool so you can use it fresh. If you are not ready to use your rice water
immediately after it has cooled ensure you store it in a fridge.

Dilute: Dilute your rice water with fresh water before use. Using it without diluting can
cause damage to your hair.

Storage: If you have excess rice water after use, you can store it in a fridge but it would have
lost its nutrients if left for more than a week.

PS: Your rice can still be boiled to eat after this process, the method does not
render your rice a waste.
Only a handful of rice will do the trick, you do not need a lot.

How to use rice water

Maintain your regular wash routine, simply use the rice water as a rinse out after

Additional hair conditions that can be fixed with rice water:
Scanty hair
Tough hair/ Frizzy hair

Why rice water is one of the best DIY discoveries of all time

It is cheap. Since you only need rice and water which is readily available and the rice can
also be eaten after use.
It is easy to make.

It is time to stop throwing your rice water away in the kitchen and start using it to treat your hair.