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Pubic hair can be annoying at times especially when they grow really fast and we are way too busy with work and other type of hustle so we hardly have time to shave regularly. Keeping pubic hair for a very long time causes bad odour which constitute body odour in some people.
Hair removal from the body isn’t a really big issue, you can actually shave and wax but the
problem with shaving is that it has to be done weekly and it leaves dark coloration in those areas while waxing is painful but works well though. Well, if you could find some time and do the home remedy, all hairs would be off permanently and you don’t need to shave or wax to achieve it. Pubic hair removal is now a common part of grooming for both men and women and of course by now, you would know that am a fan of home remedies and organic skincare so I make lot of researches and I try them on myself, I got really good results. Here are some remedies that will help get rid of these hairs permanently.

NOTE: You have to trim hairs around the pubic areas very well before apply these remedies.

1. Flour, Salt and Milk

Results gotten from this remedy is permanent and has no side effect at all but you just have to be
patient and repeat for some months until hair does not grow anymore.
 Mix flour, salt and milk in a bowl to get a smooth paste
 Apply this paste to your pubic areas and leave to dry off
 Wash off and moisturize areas with coconut oil
This paste should be applied daily to the pubic areas before bathing.

2. Honey sugar and lemon

For this second remedy, all you need is these 3 ingredients written above (honey, sugar, lemon)
and the good thing about this remedy is that it also acts as an exfoilator; it lightens dark patches
around the pubic areas.
 Mix all 3 ingredients in a bowl and mix it
 Apply on the pubic area in the reverse direction
 Wash after 10-15 minutes
Do this twice in a week, it slows the hair growth and with time all hairs will disappear

3. Baking soda

This method is way too easy, all your need is baking soda and water
 Heat the water say a cup of water
 Add a teaspoon of baking soda once it starts boiling and remove from heat
 Mix properly until you get a smooth paste
 Soak a cotton ball in the paste
 Drain out excess water from the mixture if there is any
 Apply paste on pubic area and where you don’t want hair
 Cover the area you applied the paste with a handkerchief or a patch and leave it to stay
 Remove the patch the next morning and wash the area you applied the paste with
lukewarm water
 Leave area to dry itself and moisturize
Repeat the process like 3-4 times in a week and hair would disappear in no time, the good thing about this method is that the result is fast within a week of applying paste you would notice changes.


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