Reducing Facial Wrinkles Best Natural Remedies


  Reducing facial wrinkles is possible, but it should be noted that it is inevitable to stop, or avoid aging, even if one goes under the knife (surgery) or even take anti-aging peels. Unfortunately aging is caused by the lack of collagen I the skin (this collagen is meant to tighten, and keep the surface of the skin fame), which causes the skin layer to sag, although genetics is another factor. But we would be looking at simple but very effective, stay at home remedies for reducing facial wrinkles.

          Best Natural Remedies       

  • Coconut oil:

Using an organic extracted coconut oil, would be more effective, for combating facial wrinkles. This oil should be used to massage all affected areas, and left to be washed the next morning, so it is advisable to undertake this procedure at night before bed. Because the coconut oil gives the skin a natural radiance and glow, and would reduce facial wrinkles, as this oil not just moisturizes, but also hydrates the skin, thereby restoring the skin’s elasticity greatly.

  • Castor oil:
reducing facial wrinkles
img castor oil

This procedure, demands the use of cotton balls, alongside the castor oil, as you apply the castor oil on all affected areas using the cotton ball, this should be done at night also, as it tends to work better under the influence of little lighting, (make sure you don’t rinse your face after applying, as this is meant to stay on your face till the next morning. This method has been confirmed to work as it contains emollients (moisturizer), it also enhances the production of elastin, and collagen in the skin which aids the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and wrinkles and over time they disappear.

  • Grape seed extract:
reducing facial wrinkles
img grape extract

The seed of this fruit helps in lightening the skin and gives it a healthy glow, it does this by supplying the skin with fatty acids, polyphenols, and other vitamins. Using it to massage all facially affected places, leave for two-three hours, before washing off, this should be done every day for few weeks, to attain a wrinkle free face.

  • Argan oil:
reducing facial wrinkles
argan oil

A few drops of this oil, on the face and a properly done massage twice daily, would help go a long way, as the argan oil is easily absorbed into the skin as it has high amounts of essential fatty acids and vitamins that replenishes the skin, making use of the oil regularly will reduce the wrinkles, and fine lines located on the face.

  • Vaseline/ Petroleum jelly:

Using petroleum jelly, is a good and highly loved remedy, it is an occlusive agent, which simply means it locks in the moisture within the skin. This mechanism diminishes and prevents wrinkles, although it is scientifically unclear why it works. But it is safe to use tropically, and causes no form of harm what so ever, it is highly recommended to be used every night before sleeping, for great results, but it is noteworthy to know that this remedy should not be used by people who are prone to suffer from acne, as it may increase the extent of the acne on the face.

  • Egg white:

While many may tend to use anti-wrinkles or anti-aging creams (which may contain harmful chemical substance). It is way better and cost friendly (affordable) to use egg white, this remedy helps to reduce facial wrinkles, as the egg white tightens the skin naturally, easing both the fine line and laugh lines. This remedy is very good for does that have oily skin’s, as the oil unclogs (opens up) the pores and absorbs t he excessive sebum from one’s skin.

  • Aloe vera:
reducing facial wrinkles
aloe vera gel

img aloe vera gelIt is noteworthy that the aloe vera gel, must be mixed, with one egg white to make a proper paste, after which it should be used to massage the face, this should be left for half an hour before washing this off. This works because, the aloe vera gel is enriched with vitamin E, that is known to boost the skin and works even more excellently when combined with egg whites.

This heals dull skins, cause of its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components, this recipe should be applied at most twice a week.

  • Avocado:

Mashing the avocado fruit into a smooth paste, and applying the paste on your face, and leaving for about thirty minutes before washing, helps a lot. As every anti-wrinkle and anti-aging cream that is well known, has the avocado as one of its prominent contents. This fruit helps greatly especially for many who suffer from premature wrinkles, as it helps in reducing facial wrinkles, and it pampers your skin alongside (making it have a healthier look) making your skin glow, with radiance and vitality.

  • Rosehip oil:
reducing facial wrinkles
roseship oil

This is an essential oil which is very good for deep wrinkles and other and other premature aging signs, which is caused by the high content of vitamins A&E, along with fatty acids present in it, penetrates into deeper layers of the skin and banishes wrinkles. This should be applied every night, drop over 3 drops of the oil should be applied and massaged on the face until it is fully absorbed in the skin.

  • Kalonji oil:img kalonji oil

Usually found in the Middle East, and some parts of the south eastern regions of Asia, it is highly known for its healing properties, also known as black seed oil, contains varieties of phytochemicals, which benefits the body and skin greatly. Its unsaturated fatty acids that moisturizes the skin, the antioxidants present in it helps in reversing the damage caused by stress. This oil should  be used alongside olive oil (taking a tablespoon of olive oil, and half a teaspoon of the Kalonji oil), apply softly on the affected areas, leave this to absorb for some hours, before washing and rinsing properly.

  • Green tea:

img green teaMaking use of a bag of green tea, a cup of steamy hot water, and some honey (this is based on preference), drink this well brewed  tea 2-3 cups daily. Green tea is very efficient, as it is loaded with antioxidants that cleanses the body and reduces wrinkles and sagging skin effectively.

  • Kiwi fruit:

img kiwi fruitPeel off the back, and blend into a paste then apply on your face for fifteen minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. Doing this twice a week, would help, as the kiwi fruit rejuvenates the skin, cause it is rich in with antioxidants like vitamins C,E, and lycopene, which boost the production of collagen and elastin, both of which are necessary for having a firm and younger look, and helps in reducing facial wrinkles.

The above listed home remedies in this article, have been tested and proven to work effectively, around the globe, as they are high in potent compounds that reduces facial wrinkles, and make the skin look healthier, making them a part of your regular skin care routine, would not just help to get rid of wrinkles, but also prevent future occurrences. All natural ingredients can be found at any grocery store.


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