We all know that eating right, working out and having a great routine is actually the key to being trim and having that coveted flat tummy. But the truth is this, how many of us can stay dedicated to the process, we are mostly undisciplined or just want that one free day which turns to a free week that becomes a regular lifestyle. If we could buy the flat tummy, most people would have already, but you see, you have to work for it, or so we are made to believe.

What do you do when you really need to lose belly fat in just about a day for that all important function, exercise cannot make you lose that much fat in 24 hours, you will need something that can work faster. Well, what we do not know is that our body has built in its own internal belly flattening mechanisms, guess what, they can be activated in record time too. It might sound spooky or unrealistic but when you experience it, you sure can validate this statement. You just need to find out how to switch on this wonderful mechanism, this article will provide sufficient information on how you can achieve this easily from the convenience of your home.

Have a bath with some Epsom salt

Weird right? But it works like magic. It can be really relaxing to just sit or lie in a tub of water, so many people take this as one of their favorite pass time exercises. Did you know that while relaxing in this manner you can be losing fat at the same time, without carrying out any exercise? It happens through the simple and understandable process of osmosis, the movement of liquid from an area of low concentration to that of higher concentration through a semi-permeable membrane. Just sprinkle some of the salt in the water and enjoy your tub experience as usual, it will deflate your body by drawing out the excess water. This should be done just once a week to avoid dehydration.


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