Red wine is good for your skin!


Red wine is a popular alcoholic drink consumed by humans. The drink has been for leisure, relaxation and a common bond among a circle of friends. However, did you know that red wine has health benefits?
These health benefits are majorly attributed to the antioxidant content of the red wine. The drink is great for the skin, the heart and infact, has weight loss benefits. This is as a result of its low caloric content and the presence and tannins and antioxidants in the drink.
These properties help combat inflammation in the body. According to a number of scientific studies, the numerous health and beauty benefits of red wine have been vouched for. It also is used in a number of luxury facials and spa treatments all around the world.
However, the most direct benefits of red wine are for the skin. It is believed that red wine has one of the best anti-ageing benefits. It can reduce risks of strokes, heart diseases and reverse cell damage. They may also have lasting effects on your hair and skin health.

Is Red Wine Good For You?
Fine, excessive intake of red wine can be hazardous. However, this does not mean that we throw the baby with the bath water. Red wine, when taken in moderation, sure has benefits.
It can cut the risk of dementia, protect you from cancer and prevent liver disease.
See, there are a whole lot of other benefits of red wine, especially for your skin and we’ll show you. We understand though, that not everyone will be for red wine consumptions as a result of its alcoholic content.
The good news is that there are red wine pills. Popping a pill will offer the benefits of resveratrol without having to uncork a single bottle. Plus, it so also help avoid taking all the empty calories and sugars that come with red wine.
How Does Red Wine Benefit The Skin?

Slows Down Aging And Makes Skin Glow

Oh yes, we already said this before, red wine helps keep your skin young.
Taking a glass of red wine a day will help make your skin glow and reduce your risk of precancerous skin lesions.
According to researchers, skin creams that contain resveratrol may be the next big thing in the cosmetic industry.
Red wine can restore your skin’s original glow. The polyphenols in the wine can prevent cell oxidation that makes the skin age. Plus, the antioxidant properties of resveratrol work well, fighting oxidative stress that the skin cells may be subjected to.
This antioxidant content is powerful and is still being researched on for the ability it has to cure lots of dangerous skin ailments, including cancer.
The resveratrol in red wine also helps protect the skin from harmful UV induced effects.

Fights Acne

Resveratrol could slow down the thriving of bacteria that could be responsible for acne, according to a recent study. It also inhibits the proliferation of keratinocyte which could lead to acne lesions.
These results were especially glaring when people who had acne went for topical benzoyl peroxide treatment along with consuming a glass of red wine. Having benzoyl peroxide and resveratrol work together will provide lasting antibacterial benefits against bacteria that may be responsible for the acne.

Treats Sunburn

Did you know that getting a sunburn will only take twenty minutes. However, it will often take about six hours or more to get visible. This means that you may not even know you’ve been sunburnt till much later. This is what makes sunburn such a huge risk factor in the onset of skin cancer. However, the good news is that applying red wine topically onto the affected areas will ease the sunburn easily.
Red wine contains flavonoids that help prevent the skin from forming reactive oxygen species, compounds that may react with ultraviolet rays and result in a sunburn.
We’re not saying you should altogether ditch your sunscreen. You should keep using it, while sipping some red wine sometimes.

Improves complexion

Oftentimes, your complexion may get lost as a result of excessive stress, pollution and a few other factors. Red wine can help even out your skin tone and make your skin glow again.
Before You Consume Red Wine
Even though red wine has lots of interesting benefits for both your skin and your overall health, there are of course side effects. For the example, some folks could get headaches from taking red wine. Others may have blood thinning effects.
We therefore, will advise that you consult your doctor if you’re adding red wine as a routine.
Don’t forget though that you should take in moderation. Plus, if you’re underage, pregnant or breastfeeding, then you should avoid it altogether.

How To Drink Wine In Moderation?
• We suggest you take record of your wine intake. This will help you know when you drink and how much you take.
• Have healthy strategies like maybe taking a glass of water in between two glasses of red wine.
• When drinking, make sure you do this with friends that are responsible enough to recognise what the limit is.
• Stick to your limits and resolve not to go past it.
• In serving red wine, you should serve slightly cool – that’s when it tastes so much better.
• You should also learn to choose the right wine glass and learn to open a bottle of wine.
• Before drinking the wine, decant first. This ritual makes the taste of the wine so much better. You get to enjoy it more.
• Learn to pour a standard wine serving and be careful so that you pour without spilling as much as a drop.
• You should also consider learning to hold a wine glass properly.
• Before storing an already opened bottle, you should find out how long the wine stays so you don’t lose your drink.
• Plus, did you know you could cook with red wine? You could go for something light and dry or something medium. Examples of such include cabernet, pinot noir, zinfandel and merlot. You could learn the recipes and have fun trying out new meals.


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