Reasons your sex drive may be suffering


At some point in our lives, we’re always ready and down for it. At other points thought, our libido could significantly reduce. There’s a lot of controversy as regards what causes low sex drive.
Even though we could say “low “ sex drive is subjective, still, it’s very possible that some people are not satisfied with their drives and how it has affected their relationship
Low libido could signal a medical condition sometimes. Other times, however, it could just be a lifestyle factor. Whichever the case, it’s important to note that there is nothing to worry about, it’s not the end of the world.
In this article, we hope to help you identify some of the possible reasons your sex drive may be suffering. These reasons include :

Causes of Low sex drive

You’re just so tired

It’s only normal that after you wake up early, work your ass off, come back home and gets yourself dinner, you’re too wind up and exhausted to think about sex. The only thing you want to do is shower and sleep. The fact that you’re exhausted makes the thought of intercourse look like so much work, your body just wants to rest. What we suggest? Morning sex! This is better because males will usually wake up with an erection, what better time to maximise the available resources? (winks).

Reduced oestrogen levels

Oestrogen levels could be reduced as a result of certain factors including age. A reduction in oestrogen levels typically causes a reduced libido. Plus, when there’s less oestrogen in the woman’s body, there’s less lubrication in the vaginal tissue – this could make penetration painful. If your hormones are messing with your sex drive, you should speak to a doctor, a hormone replacement therapy may be a good way to remedy the situation, even though it comes with its cons. If you’re hardly getting lubricated, a lubricant will help.

Your Meds Are Messing With Your Sex Drive

Different medications could ruin your sex drive, from antidepressants, to high blood pressure drugs, to drugs for heart burn and birth control. If you suspect your medication could be your problem, speak with your doctor and ask if there are alternatives with less sexual side effects.

You’re Depressed

We all have days when all is gloomy, especially when we’re under so much stress. Depression, however, is a more serious issue as it tends to affect every part of a being, eventually leading to libido problems. If you suspect you may be suffering from more than a normal bout of depression, you should speak with your doctor as soon as possible.

You’re suffering from a vaginal condition.

Even though your lifestyle could be the reason your sex drive is low sometimes, other times it could actually be a medical condition.
Vaginismus, for example, is a condition in which the vagina has spasms that make penetration difficult. As a result, sex becomes painful. This could have a terrible effect on your mental health and eventually your libido. It’s been insinuated that past sexual trauma could be a reason for vaginismus. The condition can however be treated using therapy, vaginal dilators and relaxation techniques. It’s understandable that you don’t want to have sex if it’s painful.
Another vaginal condition that could result in a low sex drive is vulvodynia. In this condition, there is pain in the vulva. You will have to be tested for an STI like herpes or a yeast infection, before going for the vulvodynia option. In treating this condition, tricyclic antidepressants and acupuncture are popular ways that have been endorsed and used.

You just ovulated.

The menstrual cycle to a large extent has an effect on a female’s libido. For example, around ovulation period, a lady may begin to feel horniest. This often happens in the middle of the cycle. After ovulation, however, the libido may nose dive as a result of increased progesterone levels. According to numerous studies, progesterone has been found to inhibit libido and correlate negatively. Therefore, it’s important to study your cycle, understand it and recognise its phase when it comes so that you have no reason to panic when your libido dips.

You’ve started menopause.

When menopause begins, of course menstruation ends. This may be good news for a lot of females except for the hormonal changes that may follow. The hormonal imbalance could lead to a dip in libido. The good news is that science has found various ways to handle these kinds of issues. Therefore, if you notice a crash in your libido while you’re in menopause and this displeases you, then speaking to your doctor is an important option. He will talk to you about available treatment options and guide you into making the right decision.

Unhealthy feeding

Many of us love ourselves some junk – pizza, chips and whatnots. However, having this all the time may make our sex drive suffer. A balanced diet is important for our health, yes, including the health of our sex drive. You often get bloated after eating fried foods or salty foods. When you’re bloated, you’ll agree that sex is usually the last thing on your mind. According to several studies, a diet that is balanced will go a long way to increasing your sex drive. It’s therefore safe to say that if you’re uncomfortable with having your sex dive “down there “, then maybe it’s time to drop the pizza and pick up a watermelon.

You’re dehydrated.

We’ve all learned how important it is that you we stay hydrated. It affects our energy levels, our health and ours skin. But did you know staying hydrated also affects your sex drive positively?
When you’re dehydrated, you experience bouts of headaches most of the time, and of course it is difficult to want sex with your head throbbing. Plus, dehydration could even lead to vaginal dryness which is a problem if you want to have sex.
Therefore, we suggest you try to drink an extra glass of water or two throughout the day when you notice you’re down but you’re just not feeling it.


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